3 acre Visitor Management features that are revolutionizing the industry

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At ISC West 2024, a leading event in the security sector, we had the privilege of showcasing the superiority of acre's visitor management system over our competitors. This eye-opening experience highlighted acre's commitment to innovation and excellence amidst a plethora of cutting-edge technologies.

Cian Bolger, Head of Sales for acre Visitor Management, was particularly impressed by the myriad of features that, in his view, firmly establish acre solution as leaders in both efficacy and user convenience. He has highlighted these key innovations, underscoring their role not only in bolstering security but also in streamlining the visitor management process for enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness.

Cian highlighted the importance of a visitor management system that combines efficiency, innovation, and usability for today's fast-moving enterprise environments. Acre's Enterprise Visitor Management System stands out by seamlessly blending advanced technology with unparalleled ease of use, offering robust security without sacrificing convenience. In this blog, we delve into three distinctive features that solidify acre Enterprise's status as a top-tier solution in visitor management.

1. Access Control Integration with Temporary Badges

One of the standout features of acre Enterprise's Visitor Management System is its power of access control integration, specifically designed to address common yet critical challenges. 
A prime example is the provision of temporary badges for employees. Imagine an employee arrives at work, only to realize they've left their permanent badge at home. Instead of causing delays or security breaches, acre Enterprise allows them to log into a self-service kiosk using facial recognition or single sign-on.

Within moments, a temporary but fully operational badge is printed, ready for use, while their original badge is securely suspended. 

This innovative feature not only enhances security but also ensures the smooth functioning of the day-to-day operations, making it a favorite among both employees and security managers.

2. Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook

In visitor management, encouraging user engagement is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the system. Acre Enterprise Visitor Management elevates user experience by integrating deeply with Microsoft Outlook. This integration enables employees to effortlessly manage visitor invitations and approvals within a familiar interface, fostering higher engagement levels. 

The beauty of this feature lies in its simplicity and familiarity, eliminating the learning curve typically associated with new software. Employees are more likely to utilize the system to its fullest, thereby enhancing overall security and operational efficiency.

3. Interactive Operations Dashboard

The third feature that elevates acre Enterprise above its competitors is its interactive operations dashboard. Created with input from frontline teams, this dashboard centralizes necessary functions, such as access to team calls, reports, and visitor schedules, in a single, intuitive interface. 

Front-of-house staff can stay on this dashboard all day, ensuring they're always prepared for incoming visitors without needing to toggle between applications. 

Global corporations, in particular, find immense value in this feature. With operations in up to 89 countries and some customers managing over 500 locations worldwide, the ability to log into one dashboard and gain instant visibility on space utilization and visitor statistics across all locations is invaluable. It not only optimizes resource management but also significantly enhances security and operational efficiency on a global scale.

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In conclusion, acre Enterprise's Visitor Management system stands out for its innovative features that solve real-world problems in enterprise security and operations. 

From the self-service temporary badge solution and seamless Outlook integration to an all-encompassing operations dashboard, acre Enterprise addresses the critical needs of a modern, global workforce. These features, among others, position acre Enterprise Visitor Management not just as a tool for managing visitors but as a comprehensive solution for enhancing enterprise security, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. 

Contact us to learn more about acre Enterprise Visitor Management and how it can revolutionize your organization's visitor management system. 

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