3 reasons to transition to a cloud-based visitor management system

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As working a regular nine-to-five becomes a thing of the past, not only are we seeing flexible working arrangements become the norm, but there’s a shift in the visitor landscape too.  

Monday-Friday teams are increasingly being replaced with more irregular visits to the office. There’s more desk-sharing taking place, a growing number of contractors entering our workspaces, and a less predictable visitor footfall. Emerging alongside this sea change is the increased prominence of cloud technology.  

With a current global market value of over $150 billion and an estimated 200 ZB of data stored in the cloud by 2025, and the growing prevalence of infrastructure vendors like AWS (Amazon Web Service), Microsoft Azure, and Google, it’s difficult to deny the growing popularity of cloud computing  

It is also no longer the perception of ‘how do we get a guest onsite’ it interweaves with ‘how do we protect our people, and improve processes by using cloud-based technology. But what are the specific reasons to transition your visitor management system to a cloud-based solution?  

1. Regulatory compliance is boosted 

Placing stricter controls on data privacy and security, GDPR and CCPA laws have furthered the cause for organizations to employ rigorous visitor data-capture processes. Using cloud-based technology, check-in workflows can be customized to enable sign-in prompts and e-signatures to ensure compliance with regulatory and safety documentation on arrival.  

Visitor ID badges can also be coded with access-control information to prevent entry to unauthorized zones with sensitive information or hazardous areas. This can be further enhanced with third-party applications such as Watchlists that monitor visitor movement can be incorporated to safeguard against criminal and illegal activities. 

2. Scalability is no longer a challenge for multi-location organizations  

One of the key reasons why decision-makers transition to cloud-based solutions is the flexibility and scalability opportunities they offer. Opting for a cloud-based VMS with a centralized database unlocks the potential to grow and develop without limitation.  

Large global organizations can implement standardized visitor processes that also align with local, international and sector-specific regulations across each of their locations. Remote access to the visitor data system is also possible from any location, at any time, allowing for closer management of visitor flow and offering peace of mind for IT, facilities or security managers based in remote locations.  

3. Visitor experiences are enriched 

Firms with a high-volume of visitor traffic recognize the importance of not only managing procedures effectively, but also ensuring a positive visitor journey. Using location and arrival/departure time data from the cloud, real-time insights can be analyzed to help establish new systems that enhance the visitor experience.  

Again, as cloud technology is compatible with a range of software applications, tools such as DocuSign can be integrated to make registration processes quick and simple. Keeping the lines of communication open between visitors and their hosts, cloud-based systems also make way for instant SMS and email notifications between the two parties to help maintain positive visitor relations. 

Bonus! We cannot let you go without a bonus reason!  

4. Centralized Data

Imagine that with only a click, you can see the volume of people your company will receive today worldwide! You can prepare for peak hours, analyze trends, and make informed decisions based on a centralized data repository.  

This consolidated view not only streamlines your operations but also empowers you with valuable insights, allowing for strategic planning and adaptability to varying visitor volumes. The ability to access and analyze global data at your fingertips is a game-changer for optimizing efficiency and staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of visitor management. 


Improved security, enhanced visitor experiences and scalability advantages are just three of the reasons to switch to a cloud-based VMS. Added to this, they are also simple to set up, incur lower upfront costs and require minimal IT maintenance  

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