4 Ways Visitor Management can be an Invaluable Asset for IT Departments

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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, IT departments must manage and maintain their organization’s IT infrastructure, applications integrations and at the same time, navigate a steady stream of rapid technological developments and cybersecurity threats. They must also ensure the systems they have in place for visitors are secure, well-managed, and valuable. Here are four reasons why visitor management systems (VMS) can be the jewel in the crown for IT teams.

1. Data privacy processes are simplified

Managing GDPR (General Data Protection) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations can be complex, disjointed and resource-heavy. With a visitor workflow that allows for automatic adherence to regulations prior to check-in, compliance requirements become easier to implement,manage and produce Documents such as cybersecurity policies, training certificates and contractor licenses are easily integrated into the check-in process to bolster data privacy. Plus, unlike paper-based visitor logins, a cloud-based VMS conceals data such as names, addresses and phone numbers. 

2. Reporting features help predict trends 

Performance consultancy, Metris Leadership, says: “Anticipation in high performance teams allows you to accurately imagine the future in order to orientate and act with greater speed and precision.” This is especially true for IT departments, that, in an era of fast-paced technological development, need to stay ahead. By analyzing data sourced from an intelligent VMS system, new trends and analytical insights can be gleaned, and from here, new strategies and plans can be implemented. Using the unique reporting features of a VMS, gaps in data can be identified and auto reminders keep teams on top of their auditing deadlines and commitments. 

3. Integration is simple and seamless   

Integrating a new system can be an onerous task for IT professionals within large organizations. However, for those with established tech stacks, opting for a VMS provider with flexible solutions allows for a more seamless integration driving automation and adoption, not to mention a more fluid check-in experience for visitors. A provider offering various hosting options means you can tailor your visitor processes based on your organization’s needs. For instance, you can host your VMS on a local server within your existing network, opt for a cloud-based solution with lower upfront and ongoing costs, or combine the two with a hybrid solution for maximum control and flexibility. You can also adopt a system that integrates with applications such as DocuSign, Access Control, Badge management, room/desk bookings, calenders such as outlook/googleand Watchlist software.  

4. Data breaches can be reduced  

While the integrity of data within a digital infrastructure is crucial, physical data breaches can also occur. Known as insider data breaches, they can arise as a result of documents or hardware being stolen, or software and documents being copied. Mitigating and planning around these risks can be time-consuming for IT professionals. However, a visitor check-in process with customizable identification badges that prohibits access to controlled areas with sensitive information helps reduce the opportunity of on-site data theft.  

The ability to seamlessly control access, maintain compliance, and harness actionable insights positions IT departments at the forefront of creating secure, efficient, and forward-thinking work environments. Embracing these visitor management strategies is not just an investment in the present but a proactive step towards fortifying the digital future of IT operations. 


Implementing robust visitor management practices emerges as an invaluable asset for IT departments. From bolstering security measures to enhancing operational efficiency, the impact is far-reaching. As technology continues to advance, leveraging modern visitor management solutions becomes not just a choice but a strategic imperative. 

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