5 trends that will digitally transform the security industry in 2023

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2022 was a year of significant change for the security industry with several exciting upgrades and solutions added to the digital workplace protection portfolio. With an advanced catalog of solutions, organizations are now being offered a powerful and unified portfolio of system offerings focused on securing global organizations' most powerful assets – their employees and facility.

According to Field Circle, “Evolving facilities management trends are bringing new dimensions to the FM industry as disruptive forces continue to shape and reshape the way enterprises think about technology adoption and conducting business.” In line with this, acre security continues to offer security solutions that are consistently driving the new trends evolving within the industry. Effortless and forward-thinking solution trends are what will set your organization apart while you continue to navigate within an ever-evolving and digitally transformed industry.

This article will explore 5 emerging trends in digital security solutions in 2023.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Data Protection

The issues surrounding cybersecurity are increasing yearly as technology advances and cyber risks become more prevalent. According to BITM “As the digital landscape continues to evolve, cyber security remains a top priority for organizations of all sizes”. Many organizations seeking to implement integrated security solutions must ask what risks the security system can create. This is the best practice to prepare for the prevention of any risks developing.

Security convergence refers to the merging of physical security systems with cybersecurity measures. According to the 2023 Security Megatrends report by the Security Industry Association, “convergence has been challenging on vendors, integrators and practitioners as their scope of work and duties have expanded greatly”. Through vast digital integrations, facilities can approach security as a whole rather than separately. Unified workplace solutions will therefore greatly reduce security risks that may arise.

Without the appropriate and upgraded security practices and solutions, your organization is inherently at risk. As has been the case for many years now, in 2023 there is a growing significant need for updated cybersecurity efforts that act differently than traditional practices. Organizations must stay engaged and vigilant at all times while simultaneously remaining dedicated to keeping their employees, suppliers, and customers informed.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a way to allow businesses to provide their people and systems with the ability to respond more effectively and to find hidden meaning in the sometimes-overwhelming amount of data that is collected by security. With machine learning, organizations can seamlessly recognize unusual or unexpected activity within their facility at any time, from any place.

In the 2022 Security Industry Update Report by Imperial Capital, Brian Ruttenbur remarks that “By utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the cloud, enterprises can enhance performance and efficiency, and drive digital transformation”. This report also states that “As of 2022, 35% of companies reported using AI in their business, and 45% noted they are exploring AI”.

Global organizations are consistently seeking new systems but need to ensure they are seeking meaningful insights that can be developed from their existing systems and investments. For example, adding ML to the existing cloud and software-based systems that are add-ins to existing intrusion and access solutions will help separate meaningful signals from the data points being fed to the system user.

Investing in machine learning technologies in 2023 will set organizations up for boosting the performance of their systems exponentially, preparing them for the future, and protecting them from risk. These technologies will create endless opportunities for improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

Visitor Management Advancements

Digital visitor management solutions for global organizations are no longer an option, but a necessity for those seeking to fully protect their facility and employees. Positive changes and advancements that help to fully secure workplaces will continue to improve as your organization prepares for further transformation with a complete return to the office.

Almost all visitor management solutions on the market today come stacked with a host of integrations and features to address visitor needs. Investing in a digital security system will now protect your business’s daily operations while fully ensuring the safety of all employees.

Cloud Access Control

Access control has seen a significant transition over recent years and the introduction of the cloud has significantly impacted organizations in almost every area including business function, data storage, shared workspaces, and general workplace security. The implementation of access control technology revolutionized how facilities monitor and control who can enter your property and when. Furthermore, cloud-based technology has further simplified the process of simply managing and streamlining your access control system for the future.

According to a recent study by Markets and Markets, cloud adoption “will keep increasing and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3% between 2021 and 2025.” Likewise, according to Gartner’s research, “95% of information workloads will be hosted in the cloud by 2025 which has increased from 20% in 2021.”

Cloud-first access control solutions offer users scalable and flexible performance from anywhere in the world on one integrated interface. Along with this, remote mobile applications within facilities are the future and create an ideal remote setup for workplace management along with mobile device cybersecurity. Mobile-based operations are becoming a great convenience for organizations globally and allow managers to better position for managing operations remotely.

In 2023, advanced access control technology is sure to offer future-proofed integrations, multi-factor authentication, mobile and cloud-based management, biometrics, analytics, security convergence, and protection against cyber threats, plus much more. All of these key features of cloud-based access control will completely revolutionize the workplace management solutions your organization implements as we develop within a digitally advanced world during 2023 and beyond.


Business Sustainability

Throughout 2023, global facilities have the responsibility to help minimize the impact they have on the environment as they are key decision-makers in how their security solutions add to their growth and sustainability. Facility management is fast emerging as a leader in recognizing sustainability goals and implementing these solutions. There is now a growing importance for facility managers to recognize their available resources through their usage profile, allowing costs to remain lower from the data your systems are providing.

According to Field Circle, to help successfully improve sustainability measures “facility managers will be more focused on bringing manifold improvements in profitability, operational effectiveness, and team efficiency”. The implementation of cloud-first solutions has proven to help reduce an organization's carbon footprint. Besides the numerous benefits for both users and integrators, organizations that embrace cloud computing and storage solutions can decrease the emissions of running applications. In some instances, this can be reduced by 90% compared to using on-premise solutions.

In conclusion, preparing your organization with the best tools for the future will help you develop a well-rounded approach to transforming the overall effectiveness of your workplace security solutions. Encouraging growth and protection within your organization by considering all aspects of these key trends is key to advancing your facility as a key player in a digitally charged world. 2023 is the year to make significant improvements to help streamline services and prepare your industry for longevity beyond the basic physical security measures of the past.

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