acre Access Control Software Release v24.6.2 – Abundance of Productivity

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We are thrilled to bring to you our latest version of acre Access Control Software - Release v24.6.2 – that promises an abundance of productivity. True to our reputation of continually Redefining Security, this new release brings multiple software updates that will surely have you hooked. Discover the following key highlights in this updated version:  

Default Dashboards  

Your personalized workflow experience now has another ally – pre-made dashboards that cater to a range of tasks (installer, guard, people tasks, etc.). It’s just a starting point. You can still add, delete, move, and resize widgets to customize how you work.  

If you like starting from a blank canvas, keep being the artist that you are. Design as many Dashboards as you need to gain the productivity you desire.  


Tired of forgetting passwords? Leverage the Single-sign-on (SSO) feature in the acre Access Control user interface. This technique eliminates the need for multiple username and password combinations while working around different corporate systems. Take advantage of the convenience and efficiency that SSO provides.  

Entra ID / Active Directory Integration for LDAP  

The Entra ID, previously known as Azure AD, is now integrated. Let our Professional Services Team tailor this integration to your unique needs, facilitating real-time synchronization of Cardholders from cloud to cloud. This process automation goes on to assign a badge type, access levels, record custom data, distribute mobile credentials, etc. The efficiency provided by having LDAP as part of your access control system is, in technical terms, a no-brainer. 


Expedite your sales and get paid quickly! The intuitive user interface gives you instant access to add licenses to systems as soon as you receive purchase orders from your customers. Capitalize on this feature to significantly improve your process efficiency and cashflow.  

AAC Software Release highlights

acre Intrusion Integration  

The integration of acre Access Control (AAC) and acre Intrusion promises a comprehensive set of features. Users can now effectively manage the panel permission, add Users to intrusion panels and more. Moreover, acre Intrusion customers can utilize the added capabilities within AAC like FITS plugins for productivity and acre Wallet credentials.  

acre Access Control and acre Intrusion integration

(Note: acre Intrusion is unavailable in the North & South American markets.)  

acre One 

The acre One app is much more than mobile credentials. The app gives you seamless digital credential management including BLE and acre Wallet; increased security implementation with 2FA at the door; broadcast communications to app users; virtual reader engagement; QR scanning; and more. An efficient tool with endless opportunities for productivity! 

acre One - software release


We are excited about these updates, and we are sure you will be too. The technology we choose, driven by the end user experience we desire, impacts the software we develop, and adheres to our go-to-market strategy of being a disruptor.  

Whether you are an existing member of the acre Community or wish to join us, we welcome you to experience this productivity-enhancing release.  

Contact us to learn more about the acre Access Control Software. 

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