Introducing acre Enterprise Visitor Management Version 12.1: A New Era of Efficiency and Innovation

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We are thrilled to unveil Version 12.1 of the acre Enterprise Visitor Management system — a new era marked by efficiency, innovation, and unmatched user experience. This latest update is a testament to our steadfast commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our clientele.  

With Version 12.1, you can expect a comprehensive overhaul that not only builds on the foundation laid by Version 12 but also introduces exciting new features, such as: 

  • Advanced parcel management tools 
  • Introduction of multi-credentials support for leveraging virtual badges similar to those used with an Apple Watch 
  • Practical addition of NDA Bypass  
  • Bulk deletion capabilities for NDAs 

We have significantly improved the operational workflow and user interface through enhancements in bulk editing via Reception. The Badge/Label layout manager has received considerable refinements for increased efficiency. Among the noteworthy features, Self ID-Verification stands out, offering a more streamlined and secure visitor management process with: 

  • Deviceless ID Verification: accessible via a Web App before the visit or on check-in at the kiosk. 
  • Integration with GBG IDology, ensuring seamless and reliable ID verification. 
  • A smooth and intuitive interface facilitating an effortless ID self-verification process. 

This feature negates the need for physical ID scanners, meaning reducing hardware reliance and seamlessly enabling the integration of ID self-verification with access control systems for automated site access decisions. 


The introduction of Version 12.1 further underscores our commitment to innovation, showcasing major improvements to the Label Layout Manager for unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, alongside simplified 'Default Printing' settings, enhancing the experience for Front of House staff. 

Overall, acre Enterprise Visitor Management Version 12.1 represents a significant stride towards meeting and surpassing our clients' expectations. It not only introduces a slew of innovative features but also confirms our dedication to constantly evolving and improving. With this update, we aim to transform the operational landscape of businesses, assuring better efficiency, heightened security, and a user-centric approach that sets new industry standards.  

Experience the future of visitor management with Version 12.1—where innovation meets efficiency. Contact acre’s expert enterprise level visitor management today. 

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