acre security announces razberi monitor cloud’s latest release!

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As the physical security industry continues to grow, the need for reliable and efficient remote monitoring and management software grows as well. We at acre security are excited to announce our latest Razberi Monitor Cloud release, version 4.3! This release includes several features that make managing and securing your physical security systems easier than ever before.

In this blog post, we will explore the new features of Razberi Monitor Cloud and how they can benefit security professionals and IT departments alike.

Introducing Razberi Monitor Cloud 4.3 - Making Physical Security Management Easier Than Ever

Razberi Monitor Cloud version 4.3 includes many new features that will improve user management, performance, reliability, and scalability. One of the most significant new features is the ability for users to have more than one role assigned at any given time. This means that different areas of the system can be protected and controlled based on specific user rights. With this new functionality, there is better control of the authorization structure, ensuring that only the appropriate areas and functionality within specific roles can be accessed by the authorized user.

Razberi Monitor Cloud

Enhanced User Management with Multiple Role Assignment

The user management in Razberi Monitor Cloud was also improved to better suit your needs. Users can now be assigned different privileges and permissions, giving greater flexibility to user management. With this added feature, users with different levels of access can be set up to control specific parts of the system. These new permissions also help ensure that sensitive areas of the system are protected with more stringent controls.

Faster Performance and Increased Reliability with Razberi Monitor Cloud 4.3

Razberi Monitor Cloud version 4.3 also provides numerous performance, reliability, and scalability enhancements across the solution. The software can now predict and prevent problems with video data. With improved reliability, the software is more efficient in predicting any issues that might arise with the IT department in mind. With improved scalability, the software can handle a larger volume of physical security systems with more significant architecture. Across the board, this release is designed to help your IT department manage and secure your systems more efficiently.

Our R&D and design teams at acre security have worked tirelessly to make the Razberi Monitor Cloud version 4.3 more user-friendly. With a cleaner, more organized interface, navigating Razberi Monitor Cloud is easier than ever before. The software is also designed carefully to help users to solve problems quickly, preventing IT downtime.

The Ultimate Solution for Physical Security System Management

The latest release of Razberi Monitor Cloud version 4.3 offers many new features to make managing and securing your physical security systems more efficient and reliable. With enhanced user management, faster performance, increased reliability, and scalability improvements, this release is designed to meet the growing needs of the physical security industry.

At acre security, we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and user-friendly remote monitoring and management software available. With Razberi Monitor Cloud 4.3, we continue to deliver on that promise. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Razberi Monitor Cloud can benefit your organization and streamline your IT department.

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