Acre Security Elevates Access Control with Seamless Integration of its Enterprise Visitor Management Solution and Feenics Access Control

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PLANO, Texas — March 28, 2024 - Acre security, a global leader providing innovative security solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful integration between Feenics Access Control Solution and its Enterprise Visitor Management Software. This integration marks a significant advancement in enhancing security protocols and streamlining visitor management processes for businesses and institutions worldwide.

The integration of Feenics and acre Enterprise Visitor Management brings together two powerful solutions under one unified platform, empowering organizations to seamlessly manage access permissions while efficiently monitoring and tracking visitor activities. By bridging the gap between access control and visitor management, acre security continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions tailored to the evolving needs of modern businesses. Key benefits of the integration include: 

  • Enhanced Security: Organizations can strengthen their security measures and mitigate potential risks with synchronized access control protocols with visitor management processes. 
  • Streamlined Operations: The seamless integration enables smooth data flow between Feenics and acre Enterprise Visitor Management, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing administrative burden. 
  • Improved Visitor Experience: Visitors can now enjoy a frictionless entry process, while administrators gain real-time insights into visitor traffic and activities. 
  • Customized Solutions: Acre security remains dedicated to providing tailored security solutions, allowing organizations to adapt the integrated Feenics and acre Enterprise Visitor Management platform to their unique requirements. 

We are excited to announce the integration of our Feenics and acre Enterprise Visitor Management solutions, which represents a significant milestone in our mission to deliver comprehensive security solutions. This integration underscores our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, as we continue to empower organizations with cutting-edge technologies to safeguard their assets and personnel.

- Caroline Laporte, Global Product Manager for acre security Visitor Management.

Acre security invites organizations to explore the benefits of the Feenics and acre Enterprise Visitor Management integration and discover how it can elevate their security posture and operational efficiency. 

When customers work with us, they're assured of the highest global standards in information security. This collaboration epitomizes the unified Acre portfolio, transitioning from a federation of brands to a cohesive entity. The Feenics and Access Visitor Management partnership is a prime example, enhancing customer support significantly.

- David Liu North America Head of Sales for acre Enterprise Visitor Management, commenting about the integration.  

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