acre security: Uniting Brands, Breaking Barriers, and Reshaping Security

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When it comes to security, acre security is a pioneer. We had the pleasure of speaking with Don Joos, CEO of acre security, and we are excited to share some key takeaways from our discussion.

We met at TSE, a well-known trade show in the security industry, where Don shared his experience with Jason Kalio, Senior Access Control Marketing Manager. During his revealing interview, Don shared insights into acre’s journey, its distinct approach to security, and the exciting developments on the horizon. 

"Over the last year we've focused on uniting the business, getting to a common brand under acre security, and really telling our story to the market

- Don Joos, CEO, acre security


A Change Towards Better Security

Historically, acre was seen as a collection of different brands; however, there has been a considered effort to unite these under a common brand - acre security. 

The focus over the last year has been on developing a lead product in four core areas: access control solution, intrusion detection, visitor management, and secure communications networking and server solutions.

The company has not only developed these products but also opened up APIs, allowing the solutions to integrate seamlessly. This comprehensive integration process is what sets acre security apart from many in the marketplace. 

Emphasizing acre's desire to stand out in the marketplace, Don pointed to our use of vibrant, distinctive colors in acre's branding. 

"We want to stand out in who we are, in the innovation we have... We want a memorable name, and people will remember it," says Joos


Moreover, acre security has a strong geographical presence, with half the business coming from North America and the other half from Europe and the Middle East. This global distribution caters to the requirements of multinational enterprises looking for solutions with a broad geographic reach. 

Simplicity Meets Innovation

Having lead products in the four categories is remarkable, but Don gave special mention to the efforts made in simplifying the naming convention of the portfolio. Acre's transformation has included adopting a simpler naming convention to increase brand recall and improve online performance. 

The straightforward naming system like "acre Access Control" or "acre Intrusion" aligns with how customers think about the products and aids in acre's online search process.

 Acre is not only reshaping how we view security through its innovative branding and product strategies; it is also breaking barriers in technology. 

Innovation is crucial at acre security. Don mentions about a development where a window from a video feed on a browser can now be pulled out onto another screen. This kind of rapid innovation is what keeps acre security ahead in the game. 

Shaping the Future 

According to Don, the pace of change in the industry will be dictated by the end customer - not the industry itself or the channel. He anticipates an inflection point in the security industry, which will see a shift from premise-based to cloud-based solutions and a broader ecosystem of solutions that work together. As an integral part of acre security, he feels the company is not just waiting for change but is in a leading position, attempting to shape what that change should look like. Acre's tagline, "Reshaping Security," perfectly captures this sentiment. 

Acknowledging that the security industry is naturally conservative due to the high stakes of life and safety involved, Don also spoke about the inevitable change dictated by end user needs and expectations.

"I think the pace of change over the next two to three years is probably going to shock the industry right now. And that's what excites me – we're not waiting, we're more in a leading position trying to shape what that change is going to look like," he predicted.


Acre's mantra, "be comfortable being uncomfortable," is a driving force behind its breakthrough thinking. Don underscored this philosophy, acknowledging that it’s about stepping out of comfort zones and really challenging the status quo. 

In closing, Don reaffirmed acre's commitment to solving problems and reshaping security based on specific use cases. And it is this commitment to innovation and problem-solving that keeps acre at the forefront of the security industry.

For an in-depth understanding of Don Joos' insights, we encourage you to watch the full interview below.


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