Boost Your Security with acre's Cutting-Edge Access Control Solution

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In an era where customer expectations are expanding by the day, acre steps up to the plate to deliver a flexible, user-friendly, and ultra-secure access control system: acre Access Control. Our innovative solution is tailored to redefine your security experience with a unique blend of simplicity, flexibility, and top-tier security standards.  

Whether you prefer cloud or on-premises deployment, acre Access Control allows you to enjoy a seamless software experience on a platform of your choice; be it Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, or any modern browser.  

Why choose acre?  

  1. Peace of Mind: acre Access Control Cloud is ISO 27001 certified. We focus on the highest standards of Information Security Management & Compliance, assuring you peace of mind.
  2. Flexible Deployment Options: Whether cloud, on-prem, or a combination, our solutions are designed to deliver an optimal software experience from any location.
  3. Operational Efficiency: With our unique FITS (Functional Integration Toolkit Scripts) capability, you can easily automate processes and workflows to increase efficiency.
  4. Easy Integration: Our open RESTful API simplifies integration with other systems, ensuring seamless functionality.
  5. Personalized User Experience: Widgets and your custom Dashboards allow you to experience data the way you like, making your daily workflow efficient.
  6. Automatic updates and back up: software updates are automatic, which means you are always on the current version. In addition, with AWS’ architecture, the system data is backed up and scalability is managed with automatic load balancing, taking the burden from your IT Department. 

Acre protects your two most valuable assets: people and things. Our long track record of reducing risks and offering customizable solutions has made us a go-to choice in several industry sectors, including healthcare, finance, higher education, pharmaceutical and many more. 

Why trust acre security?  

Our commitment and dedication are reflected in our legacy and achievements. 

  • A history of over 30 years of innovation in the security industry  
  • Over 10,000,000+ doors secured by acre 
  • 30,000,000+ visitors processed by acre 
  • More than 5,000,000,000+ security events facilitated by acre 

Over 20% of our company resources are focused on R&D 

Acre is reshaping the way businesses perceive security.  With ISO 27001 certification for acre Access Control Cloud, companies feel the comfort of knowing their cybersecurity and compliance needs are being met.   

Experience the next level of security with acre's unified access control. Because when it comes to securing your assets, compromise is not an option. 




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