How Automated Visitor Check-ins Can Transform Your Workplace

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In an era where efficiency spells the difference between growth and stagnation, the evolution of secure and seamless visitor management can't be overlooked. For today's forward-thinking organizations, welcoming stakeholders into your space shouldn't equate to a slowdown in your operations. In this comprehensive guide, acre security unpacks the transformational power of automated Visitor Management check-ins, from streamlined operations to bolstering security measures, and everything in between.

Amidst the rising need for touchless systems and heightened security measures, implementing automated check-ins doesn't just signal a technological update—it reinforces a company’s commitment to a smarter, safer, and more efficient workplace.  

Benefits of Automated Visitor Check-Ins 

1. Time-Saving and Streamlined Process 

Gone are the days of manual logbooks and pen-and-paper sign-ins, rife with administrative backlogs and potential errors. An automated check-in process expedites the guest registration process at the first touchpoint, diverting valuable human resources towards more strategic endeavors. Employing a central digital hub for visitor details means redundant tasks are a relic of the past. Information capture, sharing, and storage have become a matter of seamless integration, cutting check-in times by up to 60%, according to recent case studies. 

Designed to address the intricate risk and compliance requirements of sizable enterprises, acre Enterprise Visitor Management is a versatile, customizable, and unified system that simplifies and enhances interactions across various regions, sites, and categories of visitors. 

Everything you need to welcome visitors and create an unforgettable experience. including:  

  • Customizable sign-in: Allows custom check-in workflows per visitor type (e.g., VIP) or by location 
  • Instant notifications: Notify employees of the arrival of their guests 
  • Track/manage site capacity: Plan for real-time occupancy management with capacity limitations in place 
  • Analytics and reporting: Get insight into visitor volume, who hosts visitors, and more. Export data in a few clicks 
  • Visitor screening: Set criteria visitors must meet to come on-site; create your watch list screening, and much more 
  • Registration: Add upcoming visitors to let your team know who to expect and email guests with information about their visit 
  • Digital document signing: Comply with legal regulations including GDPR, NDAs and waivers. 
  • Badge printing: Create your custom badges and automatically print them when visitors sign in 

Manual systems are porous in comparison to their automated counterparts. In an era where company data is a prime target for cyber-attacks, safeguarding against human error and unauthorized access is paramount. 

Automated systems not only enforce adherence to security policies but also provide real-time tracking of visitor movement. This feature can be refined to trigger alerts for unusual guest behavior, or failure check-outs, ensuring the utmost security for your premises. 

2. Improved Visitor Experience 

Aside from the operational benefits, the implementation of an automated check-in system brings about an immediate improvement in your visitors' experience. This enhancement not only streamlines the process but also adds convenience and satisfaction for your guests. In an intuitive self-serve model, guests are empowered with the ability to check in quickly and conveniently, setting the tone for their entire visit. 

First impressions last, and a hassle-free arrival can enhance your brand's image. Furthermore, visitors can receive Wi-Fi codes, digital maps, and useful notifications at their fingertips, underscoring a guest-centric approach. 

For example, acre Visitor Management covers absolutely everything from sending personalized invitations to your guests, to requesting feedback on their checkout.  



3. Visitor Pre-Registration and Self-Check-In Options 

Preparation and autonomy are at the core of a modern guest experience. An automated check-in system enables visitors to pre-register, upload necessary credentials, and self check-in upon arrival, thereby reducing wait times and operational pressure points. 

For the host organization, the invaluable provision of expected guest information paves the way for tailored visit plans, from room reservations to greeting protocols, etc. 

4. Notification and Badge Printing Capabilities 

Maintaining organizational control without micromanagement is a balancing act that automated visitor management systems execute to perfection. Immediate host notifications ensure awareness and readiness for the guest's arrival. 

Badge printing is a sophisticated yet straightforward display of commitment to a systematized guest experience, as customizable badges reflect the brand's identity and provide clear identification with elegance. 

What to consider when implementing an automated visitor management system

  • Cost and ROI Analysis: Every strategic investment should undergo a thorough evaluation of its cost and potential benefits. A comprehensive cost and ROI analysis accounts for both tangible and intangible returns. Beyond immediate labor savings, factors such as reduced liabilities and enhanced operational efficiency contribute to a strong business case for implementation. 
  • Data Privacy and Security Concerns: As with any technological system, data privacy and security are paramount. Robust encryption, GDPR compliance, and restricted access protocols are mandatory components of an automated visitor management check-in system.  Partnering with a trusted provider like acre security is crucial for prioritizing data protection. Acre Visitor Management solution reflects our commitment to visitor trust and peace of mind. 
  • User Training and Support: As you transition from middle-level to enterprise-level visitor management, it is crucial to have a well-structured and automated process in place. This requires careful training and support mechanisms. At acre, we offer tailored training programs and ongoing support to ensure a smooth launch and encourage a high adoption rate, essential for realizing the system's full potential. 

Best Practices and Tips 

  • Selecting the Right Automated Check-In System: Selecting the right system is a blend of technology and match. Assess your organization’s specific needs and approach the selection process with a list of non-negotiable features. Consider future scalability and the provider's roadmap for updates and improvements to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field. 
  • Integrating with Other Workplace Technologies: Technological synergy is the bedrock of a harmonious workplace. Ensure your automated visitor check-in system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your other workplace technologies, such as smart building systems and HR databases. This holistic approach enhances overall operations and security. 
  • Testing and Optimizing the System: A robust testing phase weeds out potential glitches and ensures a bug-free launch. Ask for end-user's feedback and implement necessary adjustments before official deployment. Once operational, continuous monitoring and adjustment of the system will maintain peak performance levels.


In today's dynamic business environment, an automated visitor check-in system such as acre Visitor Management is more than just a convenience; it's a strategic necessity. Transforming the traditional guest reception with acre elevates operational efficiency, security, and visitor management, positioning your workplace at the forefront of modern business practices.

When you choose Acre Visitor Management for your business, you guarantee a seamless and secure visitor experience that enhances your company's image and prioritizes safety. With acre, you balance hospitality and security, transforming visitor check-in into an asset for your business. 

As you assess your operational needs, consider acre Visitor Management for its efficiency and security benefits. It's the strategic choice for a safer, more productive workplace. 

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