5 Tips and Tricks to Prevent Data Breaches with ComNet by Acre Security

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As physical security systems continue to evolve and integrate with modern technology, the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks becomes increasingly prevalent. These threats can compromise sensitive information, disrupt operations, and damage brand reputation. Fortunately, ComNet by acre offers a comprehensive solution to help security professionals prevent and mitigate data breaches.

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of Razberi Monitor™ in preventing data breaches.

1. Monitor System Health and Cybersecurity Regularly

ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software provides continuous checks on your physical security network's system health and cybersecurity. By configuring custom views and alerts by location, device, and problem type, you can identify and resolve issues before they escalate. Furthermore, our software enables you to track security devices by location and get deep visibility into configurations, operating systems, and firmware status. This feature is especially useful in identifying devices that need updates or patches, which can be exploited by cyber attackers.

2. Ensure Compliance and Demonstrate System Performance

With ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software, you can use reports to demonstrate system performance and compliance. This feature is helpful when providing insights to stakeholders and authorities, highlighting areas for improvement, and increasing transparency. Additionally, by sharing access with service providers, you can receive proactive support and reduce service calls. The Audit log can be downloaded and used for access analysis as well as historical problem identification of trends that may occur with particular hardware.

3. Implement Best Practices for Physical Security Assets

ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software contains numerous features that enable you to implement best practices for your physical security assets. For example, the software provides alerts for unexpected shutdowns, bug check reboots, and unstable file systems. It also monitors the health of server and switch hardware, such as disk health, RAID health, CPU temperature, and internal switch traffic. Furthermore, our software provides alerts for camera health, including audio loss, video loss, excessive reconnects and PoE Overload, Razberi Monitor can even automatically PoE reboot upon media loss events, attempting to recover media streams without visting the switch cabinet.

4. Strengthen Cybersecurity for Cameras and IoT Devices

As cybersecurity becomes a more significant concern in the physical security industry, ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software provides numerous features to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of cameras and IoT devices. The software detects default, common, and prohibited passwords, brute-force attacks, denial of service attacks, unauthorized devices, MAC spoofing, and allowed-list violations. By proactively identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats, helping minimize the risk of data breaches. Our specialized simple-to-implement security features make sure that IoT Devices are the correct devices, only communicating on the network with the allowed protocols and destinations, in the case of a camera this can simply be RSTP- Real Time Streaming Protocol to the camera server. 

5. Strengthen Cybersecurity for Server Hardware

Our range of ComNet Edge Computing and Video Storage Appliances are Secure by Design, leveraging industry best practices and providing an AI-based antivirus and antimalware that can protect the server for longer with no performance impact. Our operating system engineers make thousands of changes to the default Operating system installation designed to close attack vectors and implement industry best practices and standards that are commonplace in the IT Infrastructure sector. Meanwhile, our AI Antivirus doesn’t need regular updates and performs continual analysis for <1% CPU utilization, using AI means that cross-referencing with Antivirus definition files and heuristics data is not required dramatically reducing system performance impact.


Data breaches represent a significant threat to physical security systems, and the impact of these breaches can be significant. However, by leveraging the features of ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software, security professionals can prevent and mitigate data breaches. 

Organizations can maximize the effectiveness of their physical security network and minimize the risk of data breaches by monitoring system health and cybersecurity regularly, ensuring compliance, implementing best practices, and strengthening cybersecurity. 
With ComNet by acre, security professionals can have peace of mind, knowing that their system is secure, compliant, and performing optimally.

Contact acre security today to learn more about how ComNet by acre’s remote monitoring and network management software can help prevent data breaches and protect your physical security network. 

Stay secure with ComNet by acre! 

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