Integrating visitor management & access control

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Whilst a standalone visitor management system is a big improvement on any paper system in distinguishing visitors and why they are present, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach to site security. Integrating visitor management and access control to tighten security policies and improve operational efficiencies

Integrating visitor management with access control allows visitor movements to be tracked and entry to sensitive areas restricted at all times. This integration becomes necessary when visitors & contractors are allowed free access to a facility and are not always escorted by a host. A solution is to integrate an organisation's visitor management system with its access control system, allowing the two systems to work together to grant entry to authorised personnel.

Gone are the days of sending on-site guests to the security office for access credentials. Now, the process is fully streamlined for everyone involved. Visitors and contractors can be granted access directly from the visitor management system. An access card, in the form of a visitor’s badge, is activated in the access system using the information entered into the visitor software.

Security is maintained at all times. Even if visitors mistakenly fail to clock out properly on departure, the fact that the visitor management system is integrated with access control means they will be denied access after a specified time and date has expired if they attempt to return. 

Enhance your site security and operational efficiency today. Contact us to learn more about how our integrated visitor management and access control solutions can benefit your organisation. 

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