The beginning of a new era in security: Acre Visitor Management & Feenics Access Control Integration

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Corporate security and visitor management have never been more critical than they are today. Recent developments, such as the integration of acre's Enterprise Visitor Management and Feenics Access Control, are pushing the boundaries of innovation in this sector. This breakthrough was brought to light during a conversation with David Liu, the North American Head of Sales for acre Enterprise Visitor Management, and it signals a significant transformation in global security landscapes.

Liu highlighted a compeling case of an individual crossing borders under different identities, a situation straight out of a spy thriller, underscoring the critical need for robust security measures. T This incident underscores the immense value of an integrated, cloud-based security solution like acre Visitor Management and Feenics Access Control.

The results of an acre security 2023 survey revealed that 66% of respondents viewed a Visitor Management System (VMS) as a "must-have," translating the current security sentiment. As acre Visitor Management extends its footprint to 35 million global users across 89 countries, the partnership with Feenics is not only timely but crucial. For Feenics andacre VMS users, this partnership offers a significant upgrade in access control. It provides a scalable, user-friendly cloud solution supplemented with mobile applications—a true embodiment of acre’scommitment to reshaping security.

Liu emphasized the importance of collaboration in maximizing security standards, operational clarity, and minimizing the support issues that typically arise from integrating various vendors. The convergence between acre Visitor Management and Feenics Access Control lends a seamless operational flow and robust security, mitigating the fallout often associated with  disparate technology providers.

The collaboration introduces essential features like host collection of visitors for compliance, temporary QR code access for visitors, and the option of a temporary RFID card. These innovations cater to a broad range of compliance requirements, including NERC, GDPR  and ITAR, translating into substantial operational savings for global organizations.

From the user, the integration of Feenics with acre's world-class VMS streamlines workflows and strengthens security protocols. The benefits are multifold - compliance assistance, improved on-site security, marketing advantages, efficiency enhancements, and user-friendly features, all contributing to a holistic solution. Notably, the dramatic reduction in waiting times and improved efficiency in visitor processing profoundly impacts operational budgets..


David Liu's insights position the acre Visitor Management-Feenics collaboration as a pivotal development in visitor management and access control. By listening to consumer feedback and continuously expanding integration partnerships, acre demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The cooperative effort between acre Visitor Management and Feenics is reshaping not only security but also how organizations perceive and manage visitor access amidst evolving threats. As we look to the future,  this partnership is set to enhance the safety, efficiency, and operational coherence of businesses globally, reflecting a joint vision of secure, seamless, and integrated visitor management solutions.

Take Your Organization's Security to the Next Level

Are you ready to redefine your security protocols and ensure unparalleled safety for your visitors and employees? Discover how Acre-Feenics' integrated visitor management and access control system can transform your security practices for the better. 

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About David Liu

David Liu, North America Head of Sales for acre Enterprise Visitor ManagementDavid Liu is an accomplished sales leader with over 20 years experience in various industries, including security and semiconductors. As Head of Sales at acre security, he leads North American sales for the acre Enterprise Visitor Management solution. David excels at providing innovative solutions to complex needs and values strong partnerships with clients, always striving to deliver value and ROI through cutting-edge solutions. 

About acre security

Acre security is a global leader in the delivery of resilient digital and physical security solutions for every business. Keeping your people, premises, and data safe is as important to us as it is to you. We protect your valuable assets with a single portfolio of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions.

Acre security offers a broad array of solutions including access control, visitor management, intrusion, workplace, transmission, and connectivity solutions – all hosted in a way that suits you. Since 2012, we’ve focused on advancing security initiatives to deliver tailored, robust, and future-proof solutions to tens of thousands around the globe. Working across banking, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, and more, we give our customers peace of mind that their data, offices, and employees will stay safe.

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