Balancing Tradition and Innovation: Introducing Acre Security's SPC Connect 4.0

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As we navigate the digital age, the future of intrusion systems must blend traditional security demands with the ever-expanding realm of connectivity and data-rich environments.

At acre security, we understand this delicate balance, and we're proud to introduce our latest solution: SPC Connect 4.0, marking a new milestone in the evolution of SPC.

The Power of a Secure Cloud Portal

SPC Connect 4.0 is the latest upgrade of acre security's innovative, cloud-based SaaS solution that addresses the evolving needs of today's security landscape. It's designed for professional security system installers and service providers seeking a secure, powerful, and user-friendly cloud portal for monitoring, maintaining, and configuring SPC intruder alarm panels.

Whether you're focusing on site-specific operations or managing multiple sites, SPC Connect puts you in full control. With our flexible subscription model, we've streamlined the process for both local installers requiring secure remote access, and multinational service providers needing region-based, user role-specific access control to your intruder alarm systems.

Key Features of SPC Connect 4.0

1. Updated User Interface

Version 4.0 of Acre Security introduces a refreshed and updated user interface. The design not only aligns with the acre colors, but also offers a cleaner and more organized experience.

2. Multi-site Operations

Expand your service offerings with the ability to administrate user credentials across multiple SPC controllers. Ideal for retail stores requiring audit logs but minimal on-site staff, as well as university campuses with fewer buildings but numerous users per site.

3. Efficient User Management

Efficiently oversee system user credentials across multiple controllers, ensuring seamless data integration and maintenance. By implementing a robust user management system, you can ensure the cleanliness and currency of user data, enhancing overall system performance. Individual users are assigned specific roles and responsibilities, granting them access to one or several sites as required. This granular access control ensures optimal security and accountability while empowering users to fulfill their designated tasks effectively.

4. Enhanced Service Offerings

Increase the value of your service offering by effectively managing the end user's premises. This includes diligently handling user credentials to ensure seamless connectivity with their security system. By doing so, you enhance your ability to monitor and manage security from anywhere, at any time, providing unprecedented convenience and peace of mind to your customers. SPC Connect 4.0 supports the brand-new acre security SPCevo controller range. Enjoy a modern adaptive user GUI and a web-based commissioning wizard to speed up the commissioning process, simplifying and accelerating operations for security system installers and service providers.

Why Choose SPC Connect 4.0?

Choosing SPC Connect means choosing efficiency, increased business opportunities, and a fast way to manage and service your installed SPC base. It significantly reduces the need for time-consuming site visits, allowing you to perform operations via secure remote connections. All this while using acre security's SaaS infrastructure, developed, and hosted in the EU, and compliant with national GDPR guidelines.

SPC Connect 4.0 is not just another software package. It's a tool designed to harmonize traditional security demands with the future's data-rich environments. It's the solution that brings balance to your world, making it safer and more secure. 

Welcome to the future of intrusion systems. Welcome to SPC Connect 4.0.

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