The Evolution of the SPC Intrusion Panel Range: Introducing Acre Security SPCevo System

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The future of intrusion detection is here, and it strikes a perfect balance between the traditional demands of security systems and the connectivity and data-rich environments of today. At acre security, we're proud to present the next evolutionary step in our SPC intruder detection system: SPCevo

Adaptability at Its Core 

SPCevo is more than just a professional security solution—it's an adaptable infrastructure. Whether you require wired or wireless options, SPCevo can easily adapt to your changing requirements. It supports a wide range of security devices, from detectors and sirens to remote keypads and wireless receivers. 

This adaptability also extends to its ability to integrate with other systems. SPCevo allows for easy integration with third-party products such as PSIM Solutions, access control and CCTV, and building management systems. This means that you can have a comprehensive security solution without having to completely overhaul your existing systems. 

Expanded Hardware Features 

Our latest hardware expands on the existing feature set, offering: 

  • Hybrid scalability 
  • Multi-language capabilities 
  • An embedded web server 
  • Access control functionality 
  • Audio/video verification features 
  • Advanced security functions for banks and retail 
  • A reliable, high-speed expander bus 
  • A secure, cloud-based portal (SPC Connect) 
  • A flexible and secure communication protocol 
  • 3rd party integrations 

Seamless Migration and Compatibility 

Migrating from existing SPC systems is effortless with SPCevo. It supports existing IP-based third-party integrations and is compatible with both existing SPC peripherals and our Two-Way Wireless portfolio. Moreover, SPCevo fully supports acre’s SaaS SPC Connect capabilities and offers a familiar user GUI to reduce training needs. 

Enhanced Enclosures and Connectivity 

SPCevo boasts stronger PSUs in Grades 2 & 3 enclosures, an additional relay for external bell/strobe, optimized enclosure and cable management, an updated interface with better access to MicroUSB, and an Ethernet port update. It also features additional AUX power connectors for zones, periphery, and outputs, a MikroBus interface for future platform extensions, and a speed-up modem interface to support broadband connections. 

Advanced Firmware Changes 

We've also made significant firmware changes, including: 

  • Porting existing firmware to a new CPU/memory configuration 
  • Enhancing the IP stack 
  • Creating new drivers to support future-proof components 
  • Introducing NTP time sync support 
  • Refreshed user GUI 

Streamlined Commissioning Process 

To make the commissioning process easier, faster, and more intuitive, we've introduced a web-based commissioning wizard. This tool will significantly reduce failures, misconfigurations, and the time spent searching for options. Combined with the intuitive interface and single-view design of our software suite, SPCevo is the ultimate user-friendly solution for intrusion detection. 

Welcome to the Future with SPCevo 

SPCevo represents the perfect balance between traditional security demands and the connectivity and data-rich environments of the future. It's not just another product—it's a testament to acre security's commitment to staying ahead of the curve, and providing professional, efficient, and innovative security solutions.  

Welcome to the future of intrusion systems. Welcome to SPCevo. 

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