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Welcome to Blog Post 3 of our Intrusion Blog Series! In this edition, we'll be exploring the important modern security system available in the market. Discover how our cutting-edge security systems incorporate remote access, motion sensors, and more to secure your environment. 

Professional Intruder Alarm Solutions come with advanced features, specifically designed to deliver robust security for companies. With fully customizable options and comprehensive monitoring services, businesses can tailor their system to meet specific requirements.

  1. Smart control panels: Control panels are the backbone of any security system. Modern systems incorporate a range of features, such as remote access and touch screen capabilities, to make operation more user-friendly.
  2. Cloud-based software: With the rise of cloud computing, many security systems now utilize cloud-based software to store and access data. This offers increased flexibility and accessibility for business owners, allowing them to monitor their system from any location.
  3. Door and window sensors: These sensors are essential for detecting any unauthorized entry. They are typically placed on the perimeter of a building, and when triggered, send an alert to the control panel.
  4. Motion and tamper detectors: These sensors are crafted to identify movement and physical tampering on doors, windows, and various entry points. They play a vital role in notifying the control panel about potential intrusions. Tailored to detect motion in specific zones, motion sensors leverage sophisticated technologies such as passive infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic. They are well-suited for expansive areas and nighttime security.
  5. Glass break detectors: Glass break detectors use advanced technology to detect the sound of breaking glass, providing an additional layer of security for businesses with large windows or glass doors.
  6. Seismic detectors: Seismic detectors are specialized sensors that detect vibrations caused by an attempted break-in, such as drilling or hammering. They are often used in combination with other sensors for enhanced security.
  7. Remote Access: The ability to remotely monitor and control the intruder alarm system is a significant advantage for commercial and industrial users. Users can access real-time alerts, view live camera feeds, arm, or disarm the system remotely, and perform other essential operations from anywhere with an internet connection
  8. Remote Maintenance: The feature of remote maintenance allows the installer to connect the control panel as the gateway of the security system, and to check for eventual issues or unexpected behavior, to support the end-user promptly and help directly. It also gives the option to change configuration settings, such as changing the sensitivity of a sensor to adapt to environmental behavior.
  9. Timed actions: Based on a calendar in the control panel, it is possible to change access rights to certain areas or perform actions to automate behavior and allow for a seamless integration into workflows.
  10. Integrated Security and access functionality: In commercial or industrial applications, most of the time a combination of getting access through certain doors is required, and intrusion protection of some other areas. With this integration functionality, modern systems can combine this, so if a certain area is armed, then the access is denied, whereas you can disarm and gain access to the area through the reader at the door if you have the relevant access level. This simplifies how access and security can be handled throughout the entire building.

Each of these features serves a specific purpose and is tailored to suit the unique requirements of commercial and industrial settings. You can ensure complete coverage and peace of mind by combining these features to establish a comprehensive security system.


Incorporating state-of-the-art security features into your commercial or industrial premises is not just an option, but a necessity in today’s risk-laden environment. From remote access, which allows seamless control of the system from afar, to sophisticated motion sensors for comprehensive space coverage, acre security's offerings encapsulate the very best of modern security technology. 

If you haven't already, we recommend taking a look at our previous posts in this series for a better understanding of the Intruder Alarm Systems available in the market.

Protecting your people and premises is as important to us as it is to you. Whatever your security requirements, we’re with you every step of the way. Let's talk!

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