Intrusion Blog Series: 2. Understanding Intruder Alarm Systems with Acre Security

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In our second installment of the Intrusion Blog Series, we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of intruder alarm systems, demystifying how they work and why they are a critical component of modern security strategies.

At acre security, we want our clients to not only have access to top-of-the-line technology but also have a clear understanding of its functionalities and benefits. By comprehending the mechanics behind these alarm systems, you’ll be better equipped to choose the appropriate solution for your specific needs and to react swiftly in the event of a security breach. Let’s explore the intricacies of intruder alarm systems and shed light on how they can reinforce the safety of your premises.

A professional intruder alarm solution, tailored for the needs of commercial and industrial buildings, comprises an interconnected set of devices designed to detect and deter any unauthorized access to commercial premises or occupancy. Here are the key components of an alarm system:

1. Control Panel

Serving as the system's central hub, the control panel processes information from various sensors. It also coordinates responses, such as activating alarms, notifying the monitoring center, or sending alerts to the system owner.

2. Sensors

These devices detect specific conditions or environmental changes, essential for an intruder alarm system in commercial and industrial settings. They include:

  • Motion Detectors: Installed strategically within buildings to detect movement within defined areas, capturing intruders who have gained access.
  • Door/Window Contacts: These sensors trigger an alarm when doors or windows are opened while the system is armed. Comprising two parts, one fixed on the frame and the other on the moving part, the contact is broken when opened, activating the alarm.
  • Glass Break Detectors: These sensors are designed to identify the frequency of breaking glass sounds, instantly triggering an alarm if detected.
  • Shock Sensors: Detecting physical shocks or vibrations, such as attempts to force open doors or break windows, these sensors provide added security.

3. Communication Devices

These devices facilitate seamless communication between the Control Panel and the outside world, leveraging both wired and wireless technologies. They ensure that when the control panel qualifies an alarm - based on the information from the sensors and its state, this alert is then transmitted to the monitoring center and/or system owner. Examples include:

  • Cellular or Internet Communicators: These devices send immediate alerts to the monitoring center or the owner's smartphone in case of alarm events.

4. System Control devices

Control devices are the interface to the Control Panel, and allow the end-user or installer to interact with the panel. The installer would use these to program or test the panel locally, while the user would control the state of the panel to arm and disarm as well as to check the event log if needed. Examples include:

  • Keypads: Used for system arming, disarming, and configuration settings.
  • Remote Controls: Compact devices that enable system control from a distance.

5. Alarms and Sirens

These devices emit loud sounds to alert nearby individuals of a security breach and to deter intruders. Some systems may incorporate additional visual indicators, such as flashing lights.

6. Power Supply and Backup

Intruder alarm systems require a reliable power source. While directly connected to the building's electrical system, they also include battery backup capabilities to ensure operation during power outages.

Remember, the effectiveness of a professional intruder alarm solution relies on proper installation and regular maintenance. For optimal results, always seek guidance from a qualified professional.


At acre security, we pride ourselves on delivering robust security solutions that are built on a well-coordinated combination of components. Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and importance of control panels, sensors, and communication devices. With our sophisticated solutions, we empower our clients to effectively safeguard their environment. Protect your people and property with our single, integrated solution. 

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