One Welcome is Never Enough! Greet Your Guests from the Moment They Leave Home

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Do you know that visiting a new place can be a nerve-wracking experience for many individuals? Imagine you could transform this into the most positive and amazing experience for your visitors.  

Visiting a new company can be a daunting task due to several factors. Firstly, unfamiliarity with the environment and people can lead to a sense of uncertainty and anxiety. Visitors may worry about not knowing where to go, whom to meet, or what to expect, which can contribute to heightened nervousness. Secondly, the pressure to make a good impression can add to the stress, especially if the visit is for an important business meeting or a job interview. The fear of judgment and the desire to appear competent and confident can make the situation more daunting. 

Understanding these concerns can help companies to create a more welcoming and supportive atmosphere for their visitors. A warm and friendly welcome is crucial when visiting a company, as it sets the tone for the entire interaction and can significantly influence the perception of the business.  

First impressions are often lasting; research indicates that 76% of people form an opinion about a business within the initial minutes of entering the premises. A smooth and professional greeting not only reflects the company's values and culture but also boosts visitor satisfaction and trust.  

Additionally, statistics show that companies with high visitor satisfaction scores often experience a 20% increase in positive word-of-mouth referrals. Therefore, investing in an excellent reception experience is not just about etiquette but a strategic business practice.

Acre Enterprise Visitor Management understands these challenges and perfects not only the welcome but the entire journey for your visitors. Acre offers a comprehensive visitor management system designed to provide a seamless and welcoming experience through various methods. Before arrival, guests receive a friendly email containing all the instructions to find their way, from map locations and parking space recommendations to asking if they have any food allergies. This makes the visitor feel welcome even before leaving their house. 

Upon arrival, guests can select their preferred check-in method. One primary option is self-check-in, allowing visitors to register their arrival independently using user-friendly digital kiosks. These kiosks have intuitive interfaces, enabling guests to quickly and efficiently enter their information, thus minimizing wait times and reducing the workload for reception staff.

Additionally, with the upgrade of our newest system v12.1, we have significantly improved the operational workflow and user interface, including enhancements in bulk editing and refinements in the Badge/Label layout manager for increased efficiency. 

Self ID-Verification is a standout feature, offering a more streamlined and secure visitor management process with: 

  • Deviceless ID Verification: Accessible via a Web App before the visit or on check-in at the kiosk.
  • Integration with GBG IDology: Ensuring seamless and reliable ID verification. 
  • Smooth and Intuitive Interface: Facilitating an effortless ID self-verification process. 
  • Reduced Hardware Reliance: Negating the need for physical ID scanners and enabling the integration of ID self-verification with access control systems for automated site access decisions. 

Acre Enterprise also utilizes QR codes to further streamline the check-in process. Visitors can receive a unique QR code in advance, which they can scan upon arrival to expedite their registration. This technology enhances convenience and security by ensuring that only pre-authorized individuals gain entry.

For companies that prefer a more personal touch, acre integrates its visitor management system with traditional reception services. This hybrid approach allows a receptionist to oversee the check-in process while leveraging advanced features such as automatic notifications, visitor tracking, and access control. By integrating the visitor management system with the company's existing infrastructure, acre ensures a cohesive and efficient experience aligned with the organization's operational needs. 

Designed to address the intricate risk and compliance requirements of sizable enterprises, acre Enterprise Visitor Management is a versatile, customizable, and unified system that simplifies and enhances interactions across various regions, sites, and categories of visitors. Features include: 

  • Customizable Sign-In: Allows custom check-in workflows per visitor type (e.g., VIP) or by location. 
  • Instant Notifications: Notifies employees of the arrival of their guests. 
  • Track/Manage Site Capacity: Plans for real-time occupancy management with capacity limitations. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Provides insight into visitor volume, who hosts visitors, and more, with easy data export. 
  • Visitor Screening: Sets criteria visitors must meet to enter, including watch list screening. 
  • Registration: Adds upcoming visitors, informing the team who to expect and emailing guests with visit details. 
  • Digital Document Signing: Complies with legal regulations including GDPR, NDAs, and waivers. 
  • Badge Printing: Creates custom badges automatically printed upon visitor sign-in. 

In conclusion, acre Enterprise's comprehensive and technologically advanced visitor management system plays a critical role in shaping guests' first impressions and overall experience. By offering a range of options, including touchless kiosks, tablets, and QR scanners, acre ensures every visitor interaction is seamless, efficient, and secure. These innovations not only enhance operational efficiency but also demonstrate a commitment to health, safety, and exceptional visitor service.

Investing in such a robust system is not merely about logistical convenience; it reflects a strategic approach to fostering a welcoming and professional environment. As businesses continue to prioritize visitor satisfaction, acre Enterprise remains a reliable partner in setting new standards for reception and check-in experiences.  

Ready to enhance your visitor experience? Get in touch with acre Enterprise Visitor Management today.

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