Introducing Razberi Monitor v4.5: Enhanced Support, Improved Performance, and Optimized User Experience

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Introducing the Monitor v4.5, a powerful product release with an array of new features, enhancements, and updates. Now with bolstered support for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC version 21H2, replacing its predecessor LTC version 1809. This support is available on ServerSwitchIQ, DPC3660, OptiPlex 7010 & 3080, and the DPC3930 XL Rack.

With this update, the Razberi Monitor extends its compatibility to a wider range of devices, ensuring seamless monitoring and management for all your network security needs.

In addition to expanded support, Razberi has also enhanced performance within the Monitor v4.5.0 release. These improvements include faster deployment times, quicker access to live video feeds, and improved overall system responsiveness.

Extended Support

We've also extended our support to Windows Server 2022 Standard across all Core V Series and ServerSwitchIQ devices, ensuring you're always operating with the latest and most secure technology. We understand the importance of keeping your network security up to date, and our team is continuously working to provide you with the most advanced and efficient solutions.

Performance Boost

Enjoy enhanced performance with Adaptec RAID controller updates, new driver versions for Intel Proset, Dell BOSS, Dell Perc, and Nvidia Quadro. The Cylance Protect agent and Google Chrome are also updated for a smooth and secure experience.

MonitorCloud Updates

Moving on to our brilliant MonitorCloud Updates, we've consolidated Account Locations/Tags into common lookup tables. This optimization boosts speed and performance, affecting multiple areas of the application from search filter data to retrieving account data for agent registration. Plus, data tables in the application can now select all items for data that are paged and filtered on the server.

MonitorAgent Enhancements

Our MonitorAgent updates bring brilliant new enhancements! We have now integrated native support for CNGE switches. HTTPS certificate validation ensures greater security, prompting users to verify the certificate thumbprint and accept it when adding new network devices. You can monitor additional network devices for offline/online alerts via HTTP(S) requests and ping, and even reboot network devices remotely from within the MonitorAgent application.

But that's not all, you can now manage network device ports and PoE, view current statistics instantly, and receive SNMP traps and informs as alerts. Do away with duplicate SNMP network device types, and experience the improved user interface when the agent restarts after cloud connection property changes.

We have gone the extra mile to resolve common issues such as MAC address display and OOBE registration. Lastly, with the v4.5 update, your Windows updates scan now searches online for available updates when possible.

Upgrade to Monitor v4.5

This is a massive step forward in providing you with an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring solution. Upgrade to Monitor v4.5 today and elevate your Razberi experience!

At comnet by acre, we continue to build and expand the features of our Remote Monitoring and Network Management Software to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

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