Revolutionizing Business Management in Hybrid Call Centers with Acre Security and OLS

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In today's dynamic business environment, the need for agile management strategies is crucial. Rising energy prices and changing consumption patterns are pushing businesses to examine their operational costs more closely. 

Smart meter technology has brought about a deeper understanding of energy usage. Yet, the true test lies in accurately computing the cost per individual within a building. Only real, credible data can deliver authentic outcomes. With our state-of-the-art security solutions, we empower you to optimize business operations in hybrid call centers.

Revisiting Work Life Post-COVID

Imagine this: A year post-restrictions, the CEO of a major corporation steps into a call center. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle, only a few agents are working. 

"Where is everyone?" the CEO asks. The response: "Since you allowed remote work post-lockdown, we now have a hybrid setup with office days." This sparks the question, "What are the expenses?" 

Later, the CEO receives reports on finances, bills, rent, building costs, and usage data. He pinpoints the exact cost of running a call center - this is the power of our security solutions. With real-time data and insights, you can accurately track and manage expenses, allowing for better decision-making and cost optimization. No more hidden costs or surprises in your bills. Our integrated solution not only protects your people but also your bottom line.

The invaluable information gathered through acre security access control solutions empowers businesses to acquire precise and relevant data for their cost analysis and ERP platforms. This streamlines business intelligence, providing a deeper insight into expenses at a granular level, from buildings and departments to individual rooms.

Towards Cloud-Based Access Control

At acre security, we're redefining the landscape of access control and security management with our advanced cloud-based solutions. Our robust APIs facilitate the seamless export of critical information and enable effortless integration with third-party hardware. This innovation eradicates the necessity for manual reporting and the use of cumbersome CSV spreadsheets, markedly reducing the margin for human error while significantly streamlining administrative operations. The result? A substantial saving of your invaluable time.

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based access control platforms are crafted with precision by our dedicated in-house development team. The era of dealing with bulky servers, intricate SQL databases, and the requirement for additional IT infrastructure is now behind us. With acre security, your essential data is instantaneously accessible, whenever and wherever you need it, empowering you to make well-informed decisions as your business continues to grow and evolve. By leveraging our cloud-based access control solutions, you're not merely overseeing door access and security; you're transforming the management paradigm of your entire business.

We have embarked on an ambitious project with our diamond partner OLS to assess all sites across the UK and Ireland. OLS' goal is to mirror this innovative approach, ensuring comprehensive integration of all sites for enhanced business analytics and data reporting. This initiative is designed to propel businesses towards achieving peak efficiency, minimizing operational costs, and fostering growth. With acre security and OLS, the future of access control and business management is here, and it's more integrated, efficient, and growth-oriented than ever before.

Learn more about OLS' journey here.

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