SPC is now acre Intrusion: The Next Chapter in acre’s portfolio branding unification

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We are thrilled to announce the next step in the evolution of acre’s portfolio rebranding unification – the transition of SPC intruder detection system to acre Intrusion, a move that symbolizes more than just a name change; it signifies a cohesive and comprehensive approach to security that underscores our commitment to protecting our customers' premises.

With the introduction of acre Intrusion, we invite you to experience a streamlined approach to security. Our pursuit has been to make security less complex and more integrated into our clients' lives. Our solutions are designed to be straightforward, making the system easy to integrate and our business easy to engage with.

Acre Intrusion embodies our strategy for simplified naming and branding, aimed at enhancing our partnership with our valued clients. The rebranding to acre Intrusion aligns with our overall naming strategy which includes our acre Access Control and acre Visitor Management solutions, now unified under one banner.

Our new naming framework is designed to be easy to remember, pronounce, and understand. From the acre Intrusion Gen1 and acre Intrusion EVO series panels to acre Intrusion Connect, every aspect of our offering is designed to create a seamless, comprehensive, and cohesive security ecosystem.

acre Intrusion Naming

This transition does not signal the end of our trusted products. Rather, it represents a deliberate move to align our offerings more closely with our broader acre security solutions portfolio, ensuring that the integrity and performance of our solutions are preserved. Our customers can rest assured that the reliability, compatibility, and quality they have come to expect from our products will continue with acre Intrusion.

Embark on a new era of security solutions with us. Acre Intrusion represents the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, delivering a seamless and efficient security experience. 

Welcome to the future of protection, brought to you by acre security.


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