Strengthening Your Hardware Cybersecurity: A Comprehensive Guide from comnet by acre

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In the world of cybersecurity, our attention is often focused on threats originating from the global internet. This includes various software attacks that can disrupt our business operations and daily lives. However, we must not overlook the potential threats to autonomous computer networks where an intruder could physically breach a system through its infrastructure devices.

Given their nature, IP security and surveillance networks place physical network connections in both secure and unsecured locations. This exposure creates an opportunity for potential attackers, necessitating a high level of care and vigilance when it comes to equipment protection. This same level of care should be applied even in secure sites, as attacks can originate from within.

An Ethernet network consists of both active and passive equipment. Active equipment requires electrical power to operate, such as Layer 2 Ethernet switches and media converters. Passive equipment does not require power and includes cables, connectors, cabinets, and other management systems.

The security threat at this level arises when a third party physically connects to the active network devices or substitutes a network edge device with unauthorized equipment.

Active Equipment Defense

Ethernet switches are available in managed or unmanaged forms. Managed platforms offer several features and allow users to configure and remotely monitor the device. Unmanaged units have no such facilities and operate based on their shipped configuration. Media converters are typically only available in an unmanaged format.

Managed units offer several features to prevent unauthorized network entry, making them the preferred choice for enhancing your network security.

A simple yet highly effective feature offered by managed switches is the ability to disable unused switch ports through the management interface. This feature is often overlooked by network operators who may not even be aware of its existence.

If a port is not being used, disable it to prevent any unauthorized party from plugging directly into your network. If the port needs to be used for legitimate traffic in the future, enable it via the management system.

Additionally, remember to change the default username and password that every managed Ethernet switch is shipped with. This ensures that an attacker cannot gain access by connecting to the switch's comms port and using the default login credentials.

Comnet by acre's unique Port Guardian feature utilizes a simple Layer 1 hardware-based trigger to enhance security. This feature shuts down a port when a loss of link is detected, which could signal a potential attack. This feature can be further expanded to shut down ports if power is lost to the active device, countering any attempts to switch connections when the switch is powered down.

Passive Equipment Security

Security measures should also be applied to the passive components of your network. It is not uncommon to see the door of a utilities company street cabinet left open or even an access flap on a lamppost.

If any part of your network is housed within an enclosure, it is crucial to have a sensor on the door to notify you whether it is open or closed. If the door is open without your knowledge, your system becomes an easy target for any attacker and exposes your equipment to potential environmental damage.

In conclusion, strengthening your hardware cybersecurity requires a holistic approach that encompasses both active and passive components. By implementing these measures, you can significantly enhance the security of your network and protect your operations from potential threats. For more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to our expert team at comnet by Acre.

Secure Your Network with comnet by acre

In today's world, your network's security is paramount. At comnet by acre, we cannot stress enough the importance of using managed Ethernet switches as the foundation of your network. These devices offer optimal security when correctly configured, providing a robust line of defence against potential attacks.

Managed units come with the added advantage of remote control and monitoring capabilities. They are designed to alert you automatically if they detect any irregularities, ensuring you can respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

However, keep in mind that the configuration of any managed Ethernet switch should align with the unique security levels and operational requirements of your site. This ensures that your network operates flawlessly while maintaining the highest level of security.

Choosing cheaper, unmanaged devices over managed ones might seem like a cost-saving measure. But in reality, it leaves your network exposed to potential threats. Hackers are adept at exploiting these vulnerabilities, turning even the most sophisticated security network to their advantage in no time.

Consider what's at stake - the security of your critical infrastructure, your precious data, and your essential communications. Is it worth risking all of these by opting for less secure devices? We believe it's a risk too great to take.

At acre security, we're dedicated to providing top-tier, reliable security solutions that protect your network from potential threats. Secure your network with us today because we believe that taking chances with your network's security is not an option.

Organized into distinct tiers, comnet offers a range of hardware and software options, each designed with precision and user experience in mind.

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