Supercharging Video Surveillance with ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4

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In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats, it's vital to leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum protection. Enter the ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4 from comnet by acre. More than just an NVR, this all-in-one Server, storage, and Ethernet switch can provide a complete centralized or edge storage solution. It has easy to configure cybersecurity settings to help secure edge IoT devices, the network environment, the server, and storage units.

SS32-2U4 is a Server, Storage unit and 32 Port PoE+ Transmission switch all in one box.


Superior Performance with Intelligent Features 

The ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4 harnesses the power of an Intel 10th Generation Core Processor and an optional Nvidia T1000 8GB GPU to deliver high-speed video surveillance and recording of high bandwidth video streams. With it, you can realize the potential of smarter security solutions without compromising on performance. 

The device seamlessly integrates a server, and hot plug enterprise-class storage, thus providing an all-in-one server, managed PoE switch, and storage solution. With 32 PoE+ ports supplying up to 450W total output and video storage of up to 80TB, storage and power issues are effectively a thing of the past. 

Cybersecurity Automation at Its Best 

The appliance's automated cybersecurity features ensure that your security infrastructure remains impervious to threats. Through CameraDefense™, you can harden your cameras automatically, while ApplianceDefense™ leverages AI to provide antivirus and malware protection that does not compromise VMS performance. The operating system also comes configured with settings to reduce cyber-attacks.  

The ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4 also incorporates Razberi Monitor, a health monitoring software that allows you to manage your system remotely, reducing the need for staff and costly truck rolls. 

Upgrade Your Video Surveillance Today 

With the ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4, you get a powerful video recording appliance with compute, storage, and connectivity, cyber security in one box. Secure your video surveillance systems today with comnet by acre's cutting-edge solutions.  

Don't wait until your current system lets you down. Upgrade to ServerSwitchIQ SS32-2U4 today and experience the future of intelligent video appliances. 

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