The 5 biggest challenges facing EHS managers right now

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Putting essential health, safety, and security measures at the centre of visitor operations has not changed for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) managers. What has changed are the expectations of more efficient visitor processes, more sophisticated use of data, and more seamless visitor experiences.

We look at the five key challenges EHS managers face today and how they can be addressed with a smart and robust Visitor Management System (VMS).

Managing security with outdated visitor management procedures

Paper-based visitor systems are error-prone, time-consuming, and can present a poor brand image. They can also compromise on-site security. To alleviate these vulnerabilities, an effective VMS offers check-in prompts tailored to each individual guest, based on the nature of their visit. For instance, candidates visiting for interviews will have their photo captured and be prompted to sign health and safety declarations before being granted access, while external suppliers will be prompted to provide additional information such as delivery reference numbers. A smart VMS will also track visitors’ site location in real-time and provide customized ID badges for controlled access to specific zones.

Handling compliance and auditing requirements

Staying on top of new regulations and auditing requirements are significant challenges for safety managers. International health and safety standards such as ISO 45001, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Export Administration Regulations can quickly and significantly impact established security procedures. The flexibility of a cloud-based VMS means EHS managers can swiftly build in new compliance requirements and capture e-signatures into their visitor processes. Electronic data from a cloud-based VMS also provides a digital audit trail making the extraction of accurate data for auditing purposes quick and simple.

Ensuring safety across multiple locations

For international organizations with multiple sites, fragmented visitor management systems can cause inconsistencies in health and safety reporting and security gaps. For premises with confidential information such as Intellectual Property or hazardous areas this can pose real risks. A scalable solution where visitor data is stored in the cloud means global EHS managers can monitor and track visitors remotely while also ensuring regulations and protocols specific to a site’s location are adhered to.

Overseeing contractor activity

Managing a high volume of contractors visiting frequently is a different kind of challenge for EHS managers. A VMS with a dedicated area for contractors to upload qualifications, relevant licensing paperwork and insurance documents means managers can easily keep abreast of their activities and compliance. It also means that their submitted invoices can be cross-referenced with their recorded visitor data, and access for those who do not have the necessary compliance documentation, health and safety certifications or have not completed a recent induction can be prevented.

Ensuring consistent and welcoming visitor experiences

Ensuring health and safety procedures are firmly adhered to, while also providing a simple and intuitive visitor experience can feel challenging for those EHS managers without a smart VMS. A smooth check-in workflow with customized ID badges and automatic data capture assures a more welcoming visitor experience and gives time back to front-of-house personnel. Guests do not have to wait to sign bundles of paperwork, and with visitor notifications, they are met with their hosts more swiftly and can use messaging channels to stay updated on their arrival.

If you are an EHS manager who would like to improve any aspect of your existing visitor management procedures, please speak to a member of our team today.

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