The Future of Access Control: acre Smart Controller

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As technology continues to advance, the need for robust and flexible access control systems is now. Businesses are looking for solutions that not only provide top-notch security but also offer scalability and ease of use. One key component is the associated hardware - enter the acre Smart Controller

What is acre Smart Controller?  

The acre Smart Controller is a state-of-the-art access control hardware solution that combines advanced technology and flexibility to meet the needs of businesses. It allows easy management of multiple access points with features like programming for process automation efficiency, extended door times, lockdowns with overrides, and PIN code support for two-factor authentication. This innovative hardware is cost-effective and flexible, enabling businesses to quickly adapt to market demands.  It's perfect for organizations of any size. 

Why choose the acre Smart Controller?  

Industry demands are rapidly changing.  Our ability to manage the design rate of change of the acre Smart Controller allows us now to address customer requirements faster. 

When you upgrade to acre Access Control from a Mercury based hardware (EP/LP) access control software, your hardware investment is protected.  You do not have to “rip and replace,” and you can use the acre Smart Controller in parallel for future expansion.   

The acre Smart Controller is competitively priced. It caters to businesses that are on the lookout for solutions that reduce expenses without compromising quality. Apart from its competitive pricing, the acre Smart Controller offers numerous benefits, including: 

  • Future expansion options like WiFi integration, additional relays, RS-485 and PoE ports.  
  • Programming for process automation efficiency 
  • Support for up to 8 readers, 4 doors OSDP (2 doors Wiegand) 
  • Massive cardholder capacity of 250,000 and access level capacity of 32,000 
  • Complies with FCC, CE, and UL standards 
  • Extended door entry/egress times 
  • Lockdowns with override options 
  • Two Factor Authentication with 4 to 9 digits PIN code support 
  • Learn more from this datasheet

Cloud-Based Solutions for Modern Businesses 

In addition to its hardware capabilities, acre Security offers cloud-based access control solutions that provide real-time monitoring, remote management, and data analytics. These solutions are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their security infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of scalability and ease of use. As cloud adoption continues to rise, integrating these solutions can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce IT overhead. 

Stay Updated with acre security 

The acre Smart Controller is at the cutting edge of technological innovation, providing a secure and sophisticated solution for businesses seeking to ramp up their access control systems and protect their assets. Stay ahead of the curve with the ability to integrate future expansions such as WiFi, additional relays, or RS-485 ports using our innovative click module system. 

Secure your assets and simplify your access control systems with the acre Smart Controller - Where innovation meets security. 

Equip your business with the security it deserves and take the first step toward enhancing your business security by contacting acre security today. 

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