The rapid growth of digitalization

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The overall cost savings of migrating to cloud services is expected to drive more than 85% of organizations to embrace a cloud-first principle. Additionally, more than 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms by 2025 (up by 65% from 2021). This is according to Gartner.

For instance, intelligent mobile devices and mobile apps have become an essential aspect of our lives. Checking the news, the weather forecast, emails, or the intrusion system state and sending commands like arming or disarming the system became a "normal" part of our lives.

Acre security aims to provide fast, reliable, and secure path to our intrusion detection system. Our Software-as-a-Service offering, serves the needs of the system owner and professional system providers looking for remote access capabilities to offer the best service in class.

One point is clear, onsite visits cannot be replaced entirely with remote access capabilities, but the number of unnecessary or not time-critical incidents can be served with a quick, comfortable, and secure remote access. Solving a minor problem or bringing the system back into an operational state within a short period helps the installer serve the system owner's needs.


With transferring the data into the cloud, there are several positive aspects, like cost-saving aspects, pay as you go, easiness of scalability of systems and service offerings, but at the same aspects as cyber security defense, ZERO downtime, and the integrity of data are essential must-haves.

Important aspects like cybersecurity, zero downtime, and "zero thrust" methods must be considered. Again, acre security, in its leading role with its award-winning intrusion detection cloud offering set its own targets to meet these standards and customer expectations.

Even digitalization is moving fast nowadays. While I wrote these lines, I got 13 new emails, a push notification from my heating system to inform me that the annual service is overdue by 17 days and if I would like to schedule an appointment, two WhatsApp messages, a push from the national weather forecast to inform me that we have to expect heavy rain in the next 30 minutes, so I better go and close all roof windows.

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