Traditional vs Digital Visitor Management Systems: Which is the Better Choice for Your Business?

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In today's world, security threats are a significant concern for businesses of all sizes. Keeping track of who is entering the facility and ensuring their safety is critical for companies. For years, traditional visitor management systems, such as logbooks and ID badges, have been in use. However, with the evolution of technology, digital visitor management systems (DVMs) have become popular. As the head of security, you might be wondering which is the better choice for your business.

In this blog, we will compare traditional and digital visitor management systems and discuss the solutions offered by TDS by acre security.

What is a Traditional Visitor Management System?

A Traditional Visitor Management System is a method used by companies to keep track of the people who visit their premises. This system is often paper-based and includes sign-in sheets or logbooks where visitors are required to fill in their details such as name, contact information, the reason for the visit, and the person they are meeting with.

In these systems, visitor identification is usually in the form of written badges or stickers. In some cases, the receptionist or security personnel may also take a photo of the visitor.

While this system can be effective for small companies with fewer visitors, it can become cumbersome and inefficient for larger organizations that receive a high number of visitors daily. It's also less secure because the information can be easily accessed or manipulated, and it doesn't provide an efficient way to quickly check visitor records.

What is a Digital Visitor Management System (DVM)?

A Digital Visitor Management System (DVM) is a modern, technology-driven solution for managing and tracking visitors in an organization. Unlike traditional systems that rely on paper logs, DVMs use digital tools and software to streamline the visitor check-in process and maintain digital records of visitor data.

The system typically involves a digital check-in device like a tablet or kiosk at the entrance. Visitors enter their details, such as name, contact information, purpose of visit, and host's name. Some DVMs can take a photo for a visitor badge, scan driver's licenses or business cards for quick data entry, and even print visitor badges on the spot.

Digital Visitor Management Systems can also track visitor activity within the building, provide real-time updates to hosts when their guests arrive, and offer features like pre-registration of visitors, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signing, and emergency notifications.
Advantages of DVMs over traditional systems include enhanced security, improved efficiency, better visitor experience, and easier compliance with privacy regulations. They also provide a more professional first impression for visitors.

Are you aware of the impending implementation of NIS2, a new cybersecurity law? This regulation will require all European-based businesses, regardless of size, government entities, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and international companies engaged in trade with EU companies, to comply with its provisions.

The NIS2 directive includes stricter security requirements, reporting obligations, and compliance requirements. The goal of NIS2 is to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital information in an increasingly interconnected world.
For non-compliance companies, the fine can be up to €10 million or 2% of the company's annual worldwide turnover. It is important to reiterate that companies of any size need to review their security protocols, especially in the visitor management process. 

Acre Security Solutions for Visitor Management and Access Control

At acre security, we're reshaping security with an extensive array of solutions tailored to your needs. Our offerings span from visitor management and access control to emergency evacuation, workplace safeguarding, and student attendance. Notably, our sophisticated visitor management and access control systems are fortified with advanced features like occupancy management and contactless check-in procedures, ensuring seamless operations and robust security. Experience the future of security with acre security. Protect your people, premises, and data with our resilient digital and physical security solutions. Let us be your partner in safeguarding your business today. 

Acre security solutions for many industries

Acre security is your trusted partner for comprehensive security solutions, irrespective of your industry. Our expertise spans across a multitude of sectors such as aviation, education, government, pharmaceutical, and multinational corporations. Trusted by leading brands, our robust security solutions have been successfully implemented at thousands of locations worldwide. One of the essential aspects of choosing a security solution is knowing the provider is reliable, with a proven track record. Find out how we created a scalable visitor management solution for Google's global estate.

We have proudly served as Google's trusted provider of long-term visitor management solutions. Since 2012, Google has implemented our solutions across 120 locations in 44 countries, facilitating over 10 million unique visitor check-ins. This enduring partnership has solidified our commitment to delivering exceptional visitor management services worldwide.


Deciding between a conventional visitor management system and its digital counterpart can seem daunting. Yet, given the current security landscape where threats can emerge from any direction, opting for a digital visitor management system could be your safest bet.
At acre security, we offer visitor and access control management solutions that are not only dependable and scalable but also seamlessly integrate with your existing security framework. With acre security by your side, you can rest easy knowing we're diligently protecting your employees and visitors.

We're not just reshaping security; we're reinforcing your peace of mind. Trust acre security to safeguard your people, premises, and data with our resilient digital and physical security solutions.

Experience the acre security difference today.

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