Unveiling the Advantage of FAST-PASS: A Game-Changer in Efficient Visitor Management

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FAST-PASS by acre, a cutting-edge visitor management solution, is revolutionizing the way organizations handle visitor access. Originally introduced by Sisco Security Identification Systems Corporation in 1994, FAST-PASS quickly gained recognition for its ability to seamlessly manage passenger embarkation and disembarkation in the cruise ship maritime industry within seconds.

Today, this advanced technology has expanded its reach to various sectors, including education, healthcare, commercial, law enforcement, and construction, among others. With its proven track record and widespread adoption, FAST-PASS continues to set new standards in efficient and secure visitor management.

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FAST-PASS stands out for its exceptional adaptability, making it a top choice. Its SQL backend database allows for extensive customization to meet each customer's unique requirements. With FAST-PASS visitor processing times are swift and efficient, often taking less than 10 seconds for interaction between visitors and staff. Additionally, it supports a wide range of government IDs, including driver's licenses, state IDs, passports, and green cards, streamlining the registration process.  

Additionally, FAST-PASS' entry and exit tracking features are highly relevant and align with the growing demand for accountability in facility access. It offers exceptional customer service, comprehensive training, and a streamlined installation process. As a result, FAST-PASS ensures a swift enrollment process and delivers a seamless and efficient visitor management system tailored to your specific requirements. Acre security is committed to providing a professional and reliable solution for your visitor management needs with its portfolio, including FAST-PASS solution. 


FAST-PASS by acre offers a wide array of carefully crafted features designed to cater to the specific needs of your organization. With our solution, you can expect a comprehensive range of functionalities that are tailored to meet your unique requirements. 

  • Seamless Check-in and Checkout: Simplify the visitor registration process with quick check-ins and checkouts, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall visitor experience.  
  • Capture live photo: Display a live video and provide the ability to capture a current photo.   
  • Parse ID Documents: Parse encoded data from government issued documents such as Starte driver’s licenses, State Ids passports and Green Cards.   
  • Real-time Visitor Tracking: Monitor and track entry and exit visitor movement within your facility, always ensuring security and compliance. Know who is in your building.   
  • Customizable Badges: Design and print professional, customized visitor badges to reinforce your organization's brand identity and enhance your security awareness.  
  • Advanced Security – Background checks: Has the ability to do screen visitors against sexual predator, criminal, and other relevant databases, providing you with complete control over the access to your premises."  
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports on visitor data, enabling informed decision-making and improved security management.  
  • HL7 Interface: Simplify healthcare visitor process with a real-time HL7 Patient interface.  Patients to see are selected directly from the Registration screen. All pertinent information including visitor restrictions, designated visitors, and confidentiality are clearly presented to the user allowing for a one-stop registration process. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Performance: Architected with a full relational database that runs on Microsoft SQL level Server as the core engine to store all data.  


FAST-PASS by acre has established itself as a leading market player in visitor management. This position is a result of its distinctive qualities, including adaptability, efficiency, wide support for government IDs, entry and exit tracking features, superior customer service, and its ability to provide tailored solutions.  

Its unique capability to customize and streamline operations to align with customer needs sets it apart from the competition. Furthermore, the robust tracking mechanism remains essential in the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring transparency and accountability. Centralized customer service and emphasis on a rapid, seamless enrollment process continue to position FAST-PASS at the forefront of the industry. With these features, FAST-PASS is undeniably the optimal choice for businesses seeking an efficient and reliable visitor management system. 

Upgrade to FAST-PASS today to experience its game-changing advantages in efficient visitor management.

Stay ahead and elevate your access control procedures with FAST-PASS the ultimate solution for reliable and secure visitor management. 

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