Case study

Pioneering the Future of International Heating Manufacturer's Security with Revolutionary Cloud-Based Access Control

Harnessing the power of acre's cloud access control solutions, an international heating manufacturer significantly enhanced their security, efficiency, and productivity across all UK sites. This innovation, achieved through a successful collaboration with OLS, set new benchmarks in the global security sector, showcasing the transformative potential of cutting-edge technology and experienced system integrators.

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About the client

In this project, acre security provided cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions in partnership with OLS. Renowned for their innovative security technology, acre has been pivotal in the success of this enterprise. The UK-based company, OLS served as a valuable third-party collaborator. OLS's extensive experience in delivering comprehensive security solutions came to the fore in this undertaking. The end user, a prestigious international corporation in the heating manufacturing industry, stands testament to the combined capabilities of acre and OLS in catering to high-profile clients and significantly strengthening their foothold in the global security sector.

The challenge

The end user sought an advanced Access Control Solution that offers cloud-based installation for seamless deployment and minimal IT complications across their UK servers. They required seamless integration with existing management and operational systems across all sites to ensure smooth workflow and production. Additionally, due to the high volume of visitors and contractors, they needed an access control system that could seamlessly integrate with their visitor management solution.

The solution

The solution to the challenges faced encompassed the successful integration of 3rd Party systems working in harmony with acre security’s cloud based access control. Our team collaborated with OLS, and worked closely with the end user to integrate each external system effectively. The strength of the acre API was a critical element in providing the required solution. This flexible and robust API was thoroughly tested by OLS, allowing the necessary integrations to be written and implemented. As a result, acre security was able to deliver an advanced, cloud-based Access Control Solution that not only eased installation and reduced IT issues but also seamlessly integrated with the end user's existing management and operational systems.

Despite not considering a cloud-based access control solution initially, this international heating manufacturer recognized its potential benefits for their business and chose to adopt it. We are thrilled that they have selected OLS as their provider for cloud-based security and look forward to a fruitful partnership ahead.
– Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS

The result

The outcome of this case study has been overwhelmingly positive. The implementation of the cloud-based Access Control Solution has led to enhanced security, efficiency, and productivity across all of the end user's multiple sites in the UK. The capability to measure site usage effectively per capita has given the international heating manufacturer corporation a clear understanding of their operational dynamics, facilitating improved decision-making and resource allocation. Moreover, the success story of this collaboration underscores the potential of innovative technology and experienced system integrators in transforming organizational processes, setting a benchmark in the global security sector.

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