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Enhancing in-store security with an adaptable intruder alarm system for Coop Switzerland

How we helped Switzerland’s largest retail network protect high-value assets across 2,500 stores.

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Solution - intruder alarms


Intruder alarms

Delivery method - hybrid

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About the client

Coop operates the largest retail network in Switzerland, with almost 2,500 stores nationwide. It serves over 2.5 million members, employs more than 90,000 people, and achieves an annual turnover of CHF 19.2 billion.

The challenge

Coop Switzerland needed a robust and adaptable intruder alarm system to protect high-value products across its retail network. These included everything from cell phones and tablets to perfume and jewelry.

To satisfy the leadership team’s list of criteria, the new solution would need to:

  • Adapt to store-specific security requirements
  • Provide fast and reliable intruder detection, certified to SES EN standards
  • Communicate reliably with alarm-receiving centers across Switzerland

The solution

After reviewing our offering, Coop Switzerland decided to install our SPC intruder alarm system across its extensive retail network.

SPC is a modular intruder alarm system with built-in flexibility. The intuitive UI means Coop security teams can easily adapt the system to different store sizes, layouts, and security environments. This helps to reduce annual security costs, simplify routine maintenance, and makes it easier to train new staff.

As a full IP communication system, SPC offers the oversight security teams need to manage Coop Switzerland’s vast retail network. Key features include cause-and-effect programming and self-monitoring capabilities.

To strengthen on-site security further, the leadership team decided to install a range of complementary acre solutions. These include:

  • PDM infrared detectors with mirror optics
  • Seismic detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Magnetic contacts

Our solution integrates seamlessly with Coop’s existing building systems and alarm-receiving stations.

“[Acre] is a solution-oriented company that optimally meets the needs of Coop. Vanderbilt cultivates the customer relationship not only with the specialist company Telsec but also with the end customer.”
– Mr. Jörg Piller, Head of Security Service, Coop

The result

Adopting an integrated, hybrid intruder alarm system has enhanced security across Coop Switzerland’s retail network. The built-in flexibility and easy integration enable security teams to adapt the core system to meet each store’s unique requirements for more robust, efficient, and cost-effective security.

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