Case study

Creating a connected security solution for a connected city

How Odense municipal council protects public buildings with a digitally enabled building security and intruder alarm system.

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Solution for the case study - intruder alarms solution


Intruder alarms

Delivery method of the case study: hybrid

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Government administration

About the client

The Odense municipal council is the official governing body of Denmark’s third-largest city. Comprised of 29 members split into six specialist committees, the council is responsible for maintaining public buildings across Odense. This includes everything from housing and schools to libraries, museums, gyms, and government offices.

The challenge

To ensure the safety and smooth operation of public facilities throughout the city, the council needed a connected intruder alarm and building security system. The ideal solution would allow staff to monitor security and respond to alerts at any time, from any location.

For example, if an alarm triggers in one building while a janitor is at another, they can log in to the system remotely to evaluate the threat. Or, if something triggers an alarm at night, off-duty staff can investigate without visiting the site in person.

“I can connect directly to any one of the panels, create a new user on panels locally, change calendars, and use the installer profile for remote configurations. It is very useful for the time management of tasks.”
– Gregers Kissow, IT Specialist, Odense Municipal Council

The solution

The Odense municipal council had previously installed our SPC intruder alarm system to secure 36 buildings across the city. To provide the additional functionality the council required, we upgraded their system to SPC Connect.

SPC Connect is a cloud-based service that lets users access their security system from anywhere. The SPC panel and the Connect platform communicate via FlexC. This supports multiple paths, including ethernet, GRPS, and mobile networks, to ensure consistent connectivity.

For added flexibility, council staff can download the free SPC Connect app on their preferred device from the Apple Store or Google Play. The app offers instant, remote access to the entire system, helping users manage and maintain the council’s security infrastructure more efficiently. This includes:

  • Setting or stopping alarms
  • Controlling door access
  • Isolating specific zones
  • Reviewing system status information
  • Conducting “alarm autopsies”

SPC Connect also uses financial-grade SSL security to safeguard transmission channels for added peace of mind.

The result

SPC Connect has revolutionized the Odense municipal council’s approach to security. Staff can now manage and monitor security across multiple buildings from any location or device. This allows them to respond instantly to security alerts and minimize disruption from false alarms.

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