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Enhancing Highway Safety in Italy through Advanced Video and Data Communication Systems

Revolutionizing Traffic Management: A Closer Look at Our Innovation in Highway Safety in Italy.

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Video and data communication system

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About the client

Our client is an Italian company providing infrastructure solutions for highways. From managing traffic to maintaining roads, they have been keeping the Italian highway system in top shape for over a decade. With their ever-evolving technology and innovative approach, they continue to make improvements that meet the expectations of drivers and commuters.

This prominent firm is responsible for the operations and management of a significant portion of Italy's highway infrastructure. They cater to one of the busiest networks in Europe, ensuring smooth traffic flow, safety, and efficient services around the clock.

Renowned for its professional approach, the company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to monitor traffic, handle emergencies, and provide real-time updates to motorists, fostering a seamless driving experience across the Italian highway system.

The challenge

The Italian Highway company required a reliable video and data transmission system to efficiently monitor and manage major highways. Connecting multiple camera systems, sensors, traffic lights, and other equipment was crucial for proper operation. With the increasing number of cars on the highways, handling and maintaining these complex operations became challenging.

The customer also faced the significant challenge of installing a dependable product for secure transmission of essential information, ensuring driver safety. This included robust encryption protocols, reliable hardware components, and seamless integration with existing vehicle systems.

Additionally, extreme temperature variations required extended operating temperature capabilities, necessitating rigorous testing and engineering solutions for optimal performance and durability in any climate condition.

The solution

We have developed a comprehensive video and data communication system to effectively address and overcome the challenge at hand. Our extensive portfolio of successful global implementations in similar applications and, with the support of our trusted partner, we have successfully met and fulfilled the specific requirements of our valued customer.

Our team of experts has actively engaged with the Italian company through multiple meetings, where we not only showcased our exceptional products but also emphasized the various aspects of our company, including our robust tech-support and exceptional customer service. Furthermore, a dedicated partner was involved to ensure seamless management of the technical and financial aspects of this extensive project.

It took approximately 8 months of meticulous collaboration to secure acre security as the chosen transmission partner for the end-user. Throughout this period, we promptly addressed any inquiries or concerns raised by the end-user, providing them with comprehensive solutions. The provision of a product for testing played a crucial role in winning the project.

The following steps were followed to ensure successful project execution:

  1. Scheduled face-to-face meetings with the end-user to establish effective communication.
  2. Conducted system integrator meetings to provide a clear understanding of the system's functionalities.
  3. Determined a competitive and appropriate pricing strategy for the switches to be sold to the end-user.

The result

We have been able to deliver exceptional results and exceed the expectations of our clients. Acre security Industrial ComNet products boast an extended temperature range (-40°C to +75°C), making them an excellent choice for environments like highways, particularly in Southern Italy where air temperatures can easily reach 40-43°C. With the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 60-65°C when installed in a cabinet along a highway, these switches are well-equipped to manage the demands of such challenging conditions.

This solution has had a tremendous impact on enhancing the security measures in the mentioned project, significantly improving its overall safety. With its success, we are confident that we can replicate similar projects and implement the same level of security measures effectively.

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