Case study

Stryker enhances on-site security with an enterprise visitor management solution

Providing safe and secure staff, contractor, and visitor experiences for one of the world’s leading medical technology providers.

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Solution - visitor management


Visitor management

Delivery method - hybrid

Delivery method


Industry - healthcare



About the client

Stryker is a world-leading medical technology provider that specializes in creating innovative products to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and with facilities across the globe, Stryker asked us to create a visitor management solution for its four Irish facilities. This included the company’s largest innovation and manufacturing hub outside North America.

The challenge

Stryker had three main requirements for its new visitor management solution:

  1. Strengthen security procedures across the facility
  2. Increase on-site visibility
  3. Create a safer, more secure working environment for staff

Numerous employees, contractors, and visitors pass through Stryker’s doors every day. To ensure the health and safety of every individual, Stryker required a fully integrated, centralized solution that would allow security teams to:

  • Digitize security procedures across all four sites
  • Provide life safety for 1,200 employees
  • Quickly identify every individual’s last-known location
  • Automatically distinguish between staff, contractors, and visitors
  • Adhere to relevant health and safety standards

The solution

We designed a comprehensive enterprise visitor management solution, tailored to Stryker’s unique requirements. This includes real-time data collection capabilities that automatically record personnel as they enter and exit Stryker’s facilities, enabling security teams to monitor on-site activity more effectively. For example, identifying access rights and badge status.

To enable the security team to quickly account for on-site personnel during emergencies, we installed our Life-Safety solution across all four facilities. During emergency evacuations and drills, staff, contractors, and visitors simply scan their badges at pre-defined “Swipe Safe” muster points. This enters their details onto live missing lists, giving emergency response teams the visibility they need to conduct safe and efficient evacuations.

The hardware we installed to support Stryker’s new solution includes:

  • Compact readers
  • Proximity readers
  • Magnetic locks
  • Visitor kiosks
  • Emergency muster points

“The deployment of a unique, custom-built acre enterprise solution to multiple facilities in Ireland will ensure stringent security and safety requirements are met for years to come.”
– Valarie O'Rourke, Commercial Director, acre

The result

Stryker’s enterprise visitor management suite has enhanced safety and security across its Irish facilities. Real-time data insights give security teams unparalleled visibility, allowing them to monitor on-site personnel, identify potential security issues, and manage evacuations more efficiently.

Since Stryker implemented our visitor management solution, several organizations in the medical and pharmaceutical industry have embraced a digital-first approach to security.

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