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Future-proofing Freight Transporter's Access Control Systems with Streamlined Cloud-Based Solution

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About the client

In this project, acre security provided cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions in partnership with OLS, a specialist cloud-based access control company located in Doncaster, UK. OLS secured a new contract with a freight transporter, the industry-leading expertise in global supply chains for over 50 years and the largest chilled transport fleet in the UK. acre security and OLS were tasked with upgrading their access control systems across 11 sites in the UK.

The challenge

The freight transporter had been relying on an onsite infrastructure for over 8 years. Looking ahead, they sought to enhance their access control systems for the future and required a scalable solution that would provide secure access control, centralized management, and easy adaptability to evolving business needs. Additionally, the company needed the system to integrate with their existing management and operational systems across all 11 sites, ensuring smooth workflow and production. With a high number of visitors and contractors, a seamless integration with their visitor management system was also crucial.

The solution

OLS proposed an acre security cloud-based access control system - ACT365. By consolidating the infrastructure from 11 separate onsite locations into a single centralized system in the cloud, OLS ensured a cohesive and easily manageable access control solution. This cloud-based system allows for access control management from anywhere, at any time, through an internet-connected account. The deployment of this solution across the entire business was completed in approximately 16 weeks.

“We’re so pleased to have won this contract thanks to our vast experience in migrating access control to the cloud and our wealth of knowledge in seamlessly integrating these systems with existing software. The freight transporter had its existing system in place since 2014 so was eager to make the right decision in future-proofing its business. They felt OLS and acre security were the right solution because of our extensive cloud experience, references, and an offering that provided a flexible, strategic approach to full cloud migration.
–  Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS

The result

The implementation of the cloud-based access control system provided the freight transporter with numerous benefits. The streamlined and scalable system offered improved data availability and enhanced access control security. Additionally, the acre security cloud-based solution ACT365 eliminated the need for onsite servers and network-heavy hardware, resulting in cost savings and reduced ongoing maintenance. Additionally, an upgrade path from ACTpro to ACT365 was implemented in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

OLS, with their extensive experience in migrating access control to the cloud, successfully won the contract by showcasing their expertise and providing a flexible, strategic approach. The freight transporter recognized OLS and acre security as reliable cloud-based security providers and looked forward to a successful partnership.

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