Case study

Helping a Las Vegas Casino replace its aging cable-based CCTV system

How a high-speed ethernet solution provides fast and reliable surveillance for a leading casino, without breaking the bank.

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Video and data transmission

Delivery method - hybrid

Delivery method


Industry - hospitality



About the client

A well-known Las Vegas casino wanted to upgrade its coaxial cable-based CCTV system to a more advanced video-over-ethernet solution. Unsure how to proceed, the project team contacted us for design support and technical recommendations.

The challenge

As with any video-over-ethernet solution, the biggest hurdle was consolidating and directing the casino’s numerous IP camera feeds to its central monitoring station. Other suppliers had suggested installing fiber optic cabling, media converters, and network hardware, such as managed ethernet switches. However, this was a potentially expensive and disruptive solution.


The solution

After reviewing the client’s requirements, we identified several design approaches that satisfied the brief. To minimize friction and keep the project within budget, we recommended our ethernet over UTP/COAX CopperLine® solution, in conjunction with the client’s existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

Our state-of-the-art video and data transmission solution integrates seamlessly with any Ethernet-compatible equipment over a wide range of lines, including:

  • UTP
  • Legacy serial cabling
  • Telephone-grade twisted pair
  • 75-ohm coaxial cable copper circuits

This gave the client access to reliable, high-speed ethernet without investing in expensive new network cabling.

The result

Installing our CopperLine® solution means the casino’s security team can conduct critical surveillance from one central location. This allows operators to spot criminal activity quickly and gives them the real-time visibility they need to keep patrons and staff safe.

Crucially, our adaptive solution saved the client thousands in installation costs and minimized downtime during the installation process. As a result, the team maintained its security standards throughout the project.

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