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Cloud-based solution delivers flexible and secure access control for Mentholatum

Discover how one of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies enhanced on-site and fire safety security with acre

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Access control

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About the client

Mentholatum Co. Ltd is one of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Specializing in family healthcare, Mentholatum produces the country’s best-selling pain relief heat and freeze brands.

The challenge

Mentholatum needed a new access control and fire mustering system [link to the access control page] for one of its UK-based pharmaceutical plants. 
The team wanted a flexible solution that would integrate seamlessly with their current and future systems and allow users to access multiple systems with a single badge. Not only would this improve the user experience, it would also:

  • Enhance site security
  • Restrict access
  • Simplify health and safety reporting, making it easier to account for personnel during evacuations

“From the scoping and costing of the project to the scheduling and implementation, everything went almost exactly to plan. Any deviations were managed successfully between ourselves to deliver what was needed. The team could not have been more helpful.”
- Kenny Cochran, Operations Director, Mentholatum

The solution

We identified ACT365 as the best solution for Mentholatum’s requirements. We then set up an interactive demonstration to highlight the benefits to the team.

ACT365 is a fully cloud-based solution that offers flexible installation and management and a user-friendly API that allows for easy integration with a range of systems. With no on-site servers to maintain or complicated site infrastructure to set up, ACT365 delivers the ease-of-use Mentholatum required. Crucially, users can manage the system through a dedicated mobile app and even access fire alarm mustering reports.

Alongside ACT365, we installed a series of dedicated proximity readers that automatically register personnel and create exemption lists at fire muster points.

The result

Our solution enhances security across the plant, enabling the team to restrict access to designated staff areas. The fully integrated fire mustering system allows the team to manage fire safety procedures with ease from one platform, improving health and safety.

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