Case study

Securing staff entrances at The Ritz London with intuitive on-premises access control

How acre helped The Ritz find an access control solution as classy as its clientele.

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Access control

Delivery method - on premise

Delivery method


Industry - hospitality



About the client

A London landmark and Grade II listed building, The Ritz London is one of the world’s most renowned hotels. Since opening its doors in 1906, it’s served a diverse clientele that boasts everything from Hollywood stars to royalty.

The challenge

Staff entrances are the weakest point in any hotel’s defenses and a common target for criminals looking to gain entry. Robust security is essential and, with plans underway to expand the hotel, The Ritz decided it was time to invest in a new on-premises access control solution.

The team needed a robust, intuitive solution that could cope with increased staff levels and provide different levels of security based on pre-defined zones.

The solution

Based on the team’s requirements, we installed card and proximity readers at every staff entrance across the hotel.

Our readers require staff to present their ID badge to access any area of the hotel. Once the reader scans the card, it displays a picture of the cardholder on a monitor in the security control room. The security team can then verify the person’s identity.

In addition, the solution bars access to non-approved personnel and immediately alerts the security team. This gives them as much time as possible to respond to potential breaches.

The result

The Ritz’s new access control solution provides the ideal combination of security and flexibility. Our intuitive proximity readers provide quick and easy staff access to the hotel while protecting guests from potential trespassers.

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