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Streamlining Access Control Processes through Cloud Migration at a Specialist Steel Company

Doncaster-based OLS Limited, specializing in cloud access control, secured a £150,000, three-year contract with a steel manufacturing company. The partnership aims to replace the company's 25-year-old access control system with ACT365 by acre security - an integrated, cloud-based solution. This new system will streamline processes, improve security, and support the company's growth. Completed in just 12 weeks, the project eliminates the need for onsite server maintenance, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Access control

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About the client

The client is a specialist steel manufacturing company, with a track record of 25 years in the industry. They have a longstanding reputation for quality and innovation, continuously seeking opportunities to improve their operations and maintain a future-ready approach.

The challenge

The company was reliant on an access control system that had been in place for 25 years. It was becoming increasingly clear that the ageing infrastructure was inadequate for the company's growth and evolving needs. The challenge was to migrate the existing system into a single, centralized system that could be managed remotely.

The solution

OLS Limited, experts in cloud-based access control, stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution. They upgraded and migrated the existing infrastructure into a single, centralized system in the cloud using ACT365 by acre security. The system was integrated seamlessly with the company's UKG Ready Time & Attendance software. The new cloud-based system enabled remote access control management, streamlining operations, and improving overall security.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as the cloud-based security provider for this specialist steel company. Their decision to partner with us to use acre secrity’s cloud solution that integrates with their existing system underscores our expertise in the field. 
–  Ollie Law, Managing Director of OLS

The result

The project, a 3-year, £150,000 contract, concluded successfully within an impressive timeframe of 3 months. The client now enjoys a modernized, efficient, and secure access control system by acre security. The fully scalable software allows for easy adjustments in line with the company's growth. The system's cloud-based nature also results in substantial cost savings, as the need for maintenance of onsite servers has been eliminated. Coupled with the round-the-clock support from OLS and acre security, this specialist steel company is now perfectly poised for continued success. 

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