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Strengthening site security at Analog Devices Ireland with intuitive visitor management solutions

Discover how we developed intelligent visitor management enhances security at a global manufacturing plant.

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Visitor management

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About the client

Analog Devices is a global manufacturer of semiconductor products with global headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and locations in Ireland and the Philippines.

We’ve worked with Analog Devices since 2012. But following a €50 million research and development investment, Analog Devices contacted acre to improve on-site security at its manufacturing plant in County Limerick, Ireland.

The challenge

With over 1,100 staff and visitors to protect, Analog Devices Ireland decided to digitize safety and security procedures across the plant. This would make it easier for security teams to monitor on-site personnel and check their access credentials.

To achieve its goal, Analog Devices needed an intelligent, centralized visitor management solution that would enable security teams to:

  • Accurately account for on-site personnel
  • Screen visitors thoroughly and efficiently
  • Adhere to health, safety, and legal compliance requirements

The solution

Our carefully configured and fully customized enterprise solution integrates seamlessly with Analog Devices’ tech stack to meet its business requirements.

The diverse range of functions, features, and capabilities provides unparalleled insight and visibility, improving both on-site security and staff productivity. And by collecting real-time data as personnel enter and exit the site, our solution gives facility managers, security teams, and receptionists everything they need to stay on top of plant security in one powerful platform.

We integrated our solution with Analog Devices’ fire alarm and emergency evacuation and planning systems. This included introducing digital muster points in safe zones throughout the plant. The muster points use “Swipe Safe” functionality. When a member of staff or visitor scans their ID badge, the system automatically updates the attendance list and alerts rescue response units. This ensures quick, efficient, and safe evacuations.

The hardware we installed during the project included:

  • Compact and pin readers
  • Biometric readers
  • Visitor kiosks
  • Badge printers
  • Staffed image points
  • High-speed entry barriers
  • Emergency muster points

“The [acre] enterprise suite delivers a secure and convenient, tailored solution designed to meet Along Device's legal, health, and security requirements. With a comprehensive package, Analog can take comfort in knowing [its] premises is prepared for every on-site interaction.”
– Valarie O'Rourke, Commercial Director, acre

The result

Embracing a digital visitor management suite has improved security, threat mitigation, and compliance across Analog Devices’ Limerick facility. The centralized platform makes it easy for security teams to keep track of staff and visitor activity, increasing productivity.

Our solution also:

  • Facilitates smooth and secure on-site experiences
  • Provides valuable staff and visitor insights
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing tech

Analog Devices has unlocked more value in the years since by adding acre access control solutions to its security suite. Combining the two systems strengthens health and safety processes, ensuring on-site personnel can move smoothly and safely through authorized areas.

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