Case study

Upgrading Surveillance Infrastructure for a Major National Law Enforcement Agency

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Video and data communication systems

Delivery method - on premise

Delivery method


Industry - government administration



About the client

The client - a highly esteemed law enforcement agency, is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the safety of its citizens. This national force operates across the entire country, with numerous establishments that require technologically advanced systems for effective operation. Their mission focuses on safeguarding the public, preventing, and detecting crime, and maintaining law and order. They had previously partnered with a globally recognized technology company for their technological requirements. However, a recent initiative to upgrade the surveillance systems in all major barracks across the country set forth a new challenge, requiring the introduction of a new, equally reliable technology partner.

The challenge

A prominent national law enforcement agency sought to enhance its surveillance capabilities. Their objective was to modernize the CCTV installations across their numerous establishments throughout the country. This upgrade required both indoor and outdoor switches to connect the cameras being deployed. The sheer scale and complexity of the project demanded a reliable and efficient solution that could guarantee seamless connectivity and high performance.

The solution

The acre security expert team acknowledged that the client was already partnered with a renowned technology company, but their new requirements required the incorporation of another brand. Our comprehensive range of both indoor and outdoor switches offered the solution they needed. We proposed the integration of ComNet switches, ensuring uniformity across all locations. Recognizing the importance of both technical specifications and after-sales support, we engaged in in-depth discussions with the project leaders. Our team's expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions eventually convinced the client to introduce ComNet into their infrastructure.

The result

The installation of the new switches is still underway, but the early feedback has been extremely positive. The upgraded infrastructure is performing flawlessly, meeting the client's high expectations and requirements. The client has expressed satisfaction with the solution, reinforcing our confidence in our tailored technological solutions.

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