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Fast and reliable video transmission solutions for the American Veterans Traveling Tribute

How our state-of-the-art NetWave® wireless ethernet solution overcame unique security challenges at a mobile memorial for Vietnam veterans.

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About the client

The American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) is a scaled-down replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, DC.

Created in 1988, the AVTT provides a forum for people to show their respects.

“Communities [can] come together [to] Honor, Respect, and Remember those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.”

The Sunset Hills Historical Society of Saint Louis, Missouri, arranged for the traveling tribute to go on display for four days at Lindbergh High School. Organizers estimated that over 100,000 people would visit the temporary exhibit to pay their respects. But with so many people gathered in one place, security was paramount.

The challenge

The event organizers selected Missouri-based integration specialists ABF Security Systems to provide security for the event.

As a temporary exhibit, ABF needed a flexible solution it could put up and take down quickly. So, the team asked respected manufacturer R.W. Kunz & Associates for help finding a reliable solution to this unique security challenge.

After determining the team’s requirements, R.W. Kunz recommended a two-part solution. Pelco would provide the IP camera and recording equipment, while we would provide the network transmission system.

The solution

Traditional analog cables or fiber optic transmission were impractical, given the temporary nature of the exhibit. So, R.W. Kunz recommended our NetWave® wireless ethernet product line.

NetWave® is easy to install and operate, making it the ideal solution for ABF’s needs.

Organizers require a huge support staff to manage an event of this scale. When ABF arrived at the site, the team encountered a maze of trailers and tents that it would have to navigate when installing the system. Some were placed directly in the transmission path. Yet thanks to NetWave’s market-leading capabilities, the team was able to deploy the system with no issues.

The system included four cameras placed at strategic locations around the exhibit. With the furthest camera no more than 90 yards from the team’s central monitoring station. The team positioned two of the cameras in front of the exhibit and two at the rear, giving security personnel an uninterrupted, 360° view of activity.

To transmit data from the cameras to the central monitoring location reliably, ABF installed transmission units next to each camera. Once installed, the system seamlessly transmitted data from the cameras to the nearest access point, where it was collected and fed into the recording system.

The result

NetWave’s simple setup and intuitive design allowed the ABF team to get the system up and running in record time. More importantly, it offered unbeatable picture quality.

“Setting up the NetWave gear was as easy as it was promoted. It truly lives up to the “Power, Point and Play” promise acre pledges.”
– Mark Bowers, R.W. Kunz & Associates

The system operated flawlessly throughout. As a testament to the system’s efficacy, the Saint Louis County Police Department reported no incidents during the four-day event.

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