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Acre Security's Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors

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At acre security, we understand the evolving needs of the security industry. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest advancements in intrusion detection technology, designed specifically for security installers and industry professionals. Our new product launches, including the sophisticated Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors, embody advanced security, reliability, and unmatched innovation.

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PDM Motion Detector Range

At the heart of our advanced security solutions are the Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors, defining the future of intrusion detection technology. These sophisticated devices are engineered to offer unparalleled protection, seamlessly integrating into any security system with their superior features:

Advanced Security and Reliable Detection - grey
Advanced Security and Reliable Detection

With a focus on providing robust intrusion protection, these detectors combine convenience with cost-effectiveness. Their capabilities ensure your premises remain safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Certified to Meet Security Standards - grey
Certified to Meet Security Standards

Each detector undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee compliance with the highest security standards. This certification process ensures that peace of mind is an integral part of your security solution.

Anonymity in Design - grey
Anonymity in Design

Designed to complement any architectural style, these detectors are available in both white and black housings. They are expertly crafted to blend into your environment, ensuring security without compromising aesthetics.

Error-Free Installation and Fast, Easy Set-Up - grey
Error-Free Installation and Fast, Easy Set-Up

Recognizing the value of your time, these detectors are conceived for a straightforward installation experience. The design eliminates common setup errors, facilitating a quick and efficient deployment.

Expanding upon their exceptional features, our detectors also boast

Extended Detection Range - grey
Extended Detection Range

Offering versatile coverage options, our detectors come with either a 12m or 18m detection range, catering to various spatial requirements and enhancing the scope of protection.

Passive InfraRed (PIR) Motion Detection - grey
Passive InfraRed (PIR) Motion Detection

At the core of our detectors is the Passive InfraRed (PIR) technology, which reliably identifies motion within the designated area, ensuring a prompt response to potential threats.

Flexible Configuration Options - grey
Flexible Configuration Options

Tailored to meet diverse security needs, our detectors are available in multiple configurations:
• PIR only, for straightforward motion detection.
• PIR + (active) MicroWave, combining two detection technologies for enhanced accuracy.
• PIR/MW + Antimask detection, offering an elevated level of security by identifying attempts to obstruct the detector, thus preventing tampering.

Discover more

Discover more about these innovative solutions and how they can enhance your security offerings by exploring the acre PIR Detectors, Dual Detectors, and E-Bus Detectors product pages. PLUS, to make installation a breeze, check out the wide range of accessories available for every eventuality!

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Technology Highlights

Our commitment to leading-edge technology is evident in every aspect of our Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors

Reliable Detection
Reliable Detection

Patented MAGIC Mirror Technology and a double-mirror principle guarantee uniform coverage and sensitivity, ensuring unparalleled detection performance.

Extraordinary Accuracy
Extraordinary Accuracy

The combination of enhanced Visatec and Matchtec algorithms delivers exceptionally accurate motion detection within their zones.

High Security Level
High Security Level

An optional built-in Anti Mask Feature identifies any attempts to obscure the detector, providing an additional layer of security.

Security Standards Certifications
Security Standards Certifications

Our detectors adhere to the most stringent security standards, including VdS Class C, EN 50131-2-4, or EN 50131-2-2 Grade 3.

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Links to Essential Tools

To support our channel partners and security installers, we offer an array of tools designed to simplify the planning, installation, and maintenance of our security solutions:

  • Intruder alarm system builder: Create a custom intruder system tailored to your specific needs with this intuitive tool.
  • FAQs and Knowledge Base: Access technical information and troubleshooting tips to ensure seamless installations and operations.
  • Compliance DocumentsObtain certifications and approvals with ease, thanks to our comprehensive collection of compliance documents.
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Announcements on Approvals

We're proud to announce that our Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors have received critical security standards certifications, reaffirming our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest levels of safety and reliability.

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Join Us in Redefining Security Solutions

Acre security's Magic PIR and Dual Motion Detectors represent a significant leap forward in intrusion detection technology. We invite you to explore these solutions and discover how they can transform your security offerings. For more information on our products and to access valuable resources, please visit our website.

Protect your people and property with a single, integrated solution that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Welcome to the next level of security solutions—welcome to acre security.

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