Spotlight on Excellence: Serra Luck, A Beacon of Leadership in Security

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Acre Security is proud to celebrate Serra Luck, our Chief Commercial Officer, for her prestigious recognition as a 2024 SIA Women in Security Forum Power 100 honoree. This accolade is a testament to the impactful contributions of women who model leadership, inspire others, and shape and transform the industry.

From natural sciences to the security technology 

Serra's academic pursuit in Statistics followed by technical and business development roles laid the foundation for a career marked by perseverance and forward-thinking. The red thread in Serra’s career has been a lot around transformation and change management next to the technical, sales, and business development. Empowering teams, departments, and business units to embark on a journey to discover new territories and challenging the status quo in security encapsulate a story of relentless perseverance and transformative leadership.

Pioneering Change

Serra has not only encouraged women to pursue possibilities in the security industry but also fostered an environment where diverse talents are recognized and nurtured by advocating for a workspace where curiosity and a "can do" attitude thrive. Her efforts underscore the importance of embracing differences at the leadership table, proving that diverse backgrounds and perspectives are crucial for innovation and creative problem-solving.

Leading Through Innovation

Serra's tenure in the security industry is distinguished by her ability to anticipate and adapt to change. From her early days in IT to her pivotal roles in mobile access and cloud access developments, Serra has consistently leveraged technology to support changing security needs and user experiences. She focuses on digitization efforts aimed at achieving practical and tangible advancements at the heart of her deliverables.

“As the industry evolves, we will see advanced spatial recognition of individuals and cloud or on-prem security services wrapping around the individual based on their identity and privacy definitions, integrating IT and cloud security to create safer environments. 

-Serra Luck, Chief Commercial Officer, acre security

A Vision for the Future

At acre security, Serra influences go-to-market decisions that evolve around the “user” and continuously asks “What does it mean for the end-user, for the implementer, for who sustains?” Her foresight into the co-creation in security emphasizes a tight-knit community experience that spans creating a marketplace, supporting digital competencies, predictive analytics, and many more. All of those align with the industry’s and company's mission to enable modern, open, durable, and user-friendly security practices for the betterment of the users we protect.

As Serra Luck continues to inspire and lead by example, her recognition in the SIA WISF Power 100 is a symbol for current and future women who pursue their careers in the security industry.

Join us in congratulating Serra and her fellow 99 honorees where she remains a formidable drive for change and transformation.

About Serra Luck

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Serra Luck has a diverse work history across various industries. She has held technical and business roles spanning three decades in IT with Oracle, communication and medical sciences with Siemens, and access control security with HID before she joined acre security in April 2022. Her roles focused on change management and transformation in the areas of commercial operations, business growth, and partnership ecosystem. With a strong leadership record in strategic planning, sales, and business development, Serra Luck holds an MBA in International Management, a Global Leadership Program Certificate from IMD, and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Agile Foundations certification.

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