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Intuitive access control solution supports ICA Sweden’s new staffless stores

Our access control solution allows ICA Sweden to extend its opening hours at local stores, delivering more convenient shopper experiences and increasing profits.

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Access control

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About the client

ICA Sweden is a nationwide retailer specializing in food and health products. With over 1,300 stores and a 36% market share, it’s the country’s leading grocery retailer.

The challenge

ICA Sweden wanted to extend its opening times to cater to early morning and evening shoppers. These shoppers represent only a fraction of ICA’s customers, so it wouldn’t be cost-effective to hire new staff to cover these shifts at smaller locations.

To solve this problem, ICA Sweden decided to adopt a staffless operating model during these times. But to satisfy the insurer, the team needed a secure and reliable access control system that would allow customers to shop safely.

The solution

After consulting with the team, we recommended our ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management system.

ACT365 offers simple deployment, user-friendly design, and a powerful web API. It integrates seamlessly with Mobile BankID’s electronic identification system, which lets customers use their phones to enter unstaffed stores. For added convenience, we installed a card reader outside the main entrance for shoppers who prefer to use cards or tags.

The result

Our solution enables ICA Sweden to provide consistent, secure shopper experiences across its retail network. The cloud-based system automatically registers every shopper that enters its staffless stores, giving the team complete visibility, while the intuitive mobile login system provides the convenience and accessibility shoppers need. This allows ICA Sweden to extend its opening times at local stores, maximizing profits.

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