How to Leverage Visitor Management Technology for Enterprise Safety

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In a recent survey, we asked 200 enterprises (over 2000 employees), and we discovered that 50% of IT leaders and  28% of Security leaders are seeking a cloud-based visitor management to enhance both security and customer experience. More than 35% of enterprises mentioned that one of their main reasons for having or wanting a new Visitor Management (VM) cloud technology system was to create a safer environment.  

The reality is that safety is paramount in organizations. For those with a frequently large number of diverse visitors and workplace personnel, safety is even more critical. By implementing the tools and features of a modern visitor management system, a range of safety factors can be effectively addressed for enterprise businesses.  

Here are five methods you can leverage Visitor Management technology:  

1. Integration for more secure check-ins  

With a myriad of complex health and safety and compliance procedures for large corporations to adhere to, integrating associated documentation into the check-in process supports more robust procedures. For instance, using a cloud-based system, when visitors arrive at the front desk, they are prompted to agree to the required terms and conditions or provide an e-signature to authorize their consent on-screen. Integrations don’t stop there either, as Access Control or Watchlist software can also be incorporated to further boost on-premises security.  

2. Customize for better security  

Following the initial check-in process, a cloud-based visitor management solution can print customized visitor ID badges specifying names, event details, and photos. Security teams can easily identify all visitors as soon as they arrive. If Access Control applications have been integrated, the ID badges can be encoded to either permit or deny access to specific onsite zones too. This high level of customization not only ensures a smoother visitor experience but also introduces a new level of monitoring capabilities. 

3. Utilize secure and accurate data

In today's world, the concept of enterprise safety extends beyond physical security to encompass data protection as well. Cloud data is regularly backed up to safeguard against malware, viruses, human errors, unexpected incidents, and power outages.  Moreover, real-time data capture ensures that the information is always up to date, enabling an accurate headcount on-premises and serving as a reliable source in emergency evacuation scenarios. Detailed visitor reports can also be retrieved and analyzed using various search criteria from surveying entrance and departure times to identifying those with Access Authorization. 

4. Use notification tools to improve visitor arrivals   

Notification of a visitor’s arrival can be sent directly to hosts using cloud technology via either SMS or text messaging channels. This means that an interviewee’s, contractor’s, or client’s presence can be announced almost immediately and their arrival on the premises is known not just to security personnel but to those expecting them too. Photos of visitors can also be included in these notifications, enabling hosts to ensure that who they are expecting corresponds with who has arrived.  

5. Harness safety with improved contractor management  

Managing compliance documentation for those who do not work as direct employees is not only complex but time-consuming as well. However, it is a vital aspect of onsite visitor safety. Using a cloud-based visitor management system, contractors, independent consultants, and freelancers can upload documents, photos, insurance cover, and multimedia content directly to a dedicated portal. This way, organizations are constantly in the know of their activities and assured that all safety and compliance forms are completed on arrival. 

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